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Bubble Tea Toast: Has Innovation Gone Too Far or Just Right?

Who would have ever thought that something this innovative would one day come true?

Indeed, the two items are very much different and not many people could think of merging the two into one; bubble milk tea and toast.

According to Mothership, Benjamin Brown Bistro located in Singapore launched their newest addition to their toast series; the Bubble Tea Toast!

There are 3 flavors to choose from which are Ovaltine, Crunchie, Caramel Lotus. Each of the toast costs at least S$6.90 (RM20.45).

This new item is currently only available at the Benjamin Browns Cafe at Forum The Shopping Mall in Orchard. So, if you are keen to get a bite of this yummy toast, be sure to visit this specific cafe. 

Image via Facebook

Besides, by looking at the pictures of the toast, you might think that it’ll be very sweet, but according to food critic @stormscape, 

“The pearl doesn’t have much taste since it’s not made from caramel. The sweetness comes from the different sauces.

“I like the Caramel Lotus. Crispy and chewy texture very interesting.”

Benjamin Brown Bistro is well known for their special desserts as they always invent new one that are super Instagram-worthy and delicious too.

One of their most popular dessert is called the O.T.T (over-the-top) milkshake and also the Unicorn milkshake. 

Image via Facebook

However, if you are not a fan of sweet desserts, you can try out their savoury foods as well. The price is reasonable, ranging from S$20 to S$40 (RM60-RM120).

The foods are delicious and raved by many locals. Some of their signature dishes are tater tots, hamburgers, fries, etc. Though they sound like pretty common snacks, the way the dishes are presented is what makes them super unique.

Image via Facebook

According to the bistro’s owner, due to popular demand, their signature bubble tea toasts sold out in a short amount of time. So, if you are keen to try out their toast, remember to head over to the bistro as early as possible! 

Benjamin Brown Bistro
Address: 583 Orchard Road, Forum the Shopping Mall, #01-20/21, Singapore 238884
Operation Hours: Sundays to Thursdays – 10.30am to 9pm, Fridays and Saturdays – 10.30am to 9.3oom
Contact Number: +65 6887 4117
Official Facebook: Benjamin Browns

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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