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Check Out What Went Down in Malaysia’s First Ever Wagyu Steak Eating Challenge

Amidst cheers of excitement and encouragement from families and friends, ten male and ten female finalists tried to ‘chomp’ their way to victory in the first ever NY Steak Shack Steak Eating Challenge held in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya recently.

The atmosphere was indeed electrifying and intense as cheers echoed at the centre court in support of the finalists vying for the coveted title of reigning Champion.

Spurred on by the crowd, Shahzurin Khirrudin out-ate the other finalists and emerged champion in the male category, recording a stunning time of four minutes and 13 seconds as he polished off 200gms of Darling Downs Wagyu Striploin alongside two NY Steak Shack signature sides – corn on the cob and fries – and a cup of Pepsi.

Meanwhile Grace Wong proved to be equally adept at conquering the Wagyu Striploin and sides, charting a winning time of five minutes and 33 seconds.

For their sterling efforts, not only did Shahzurin and Grace walk away with bragging rights, they also received FREE meals at NY Steak Shack for an entire year as the coveted prize.

Muhammad Adam Mah, Brand General Manager of NY Steak Shack, said,

“This is NY Steak Shack’s first ever Wagyu Steak Eating Challenge organised especially for our loyal guests as a show of thanks for their continuous support and kind patronage towards the brand for the past five years.

“Rather than just an eatery or a restaurant serving lip-smacking steaks and meaty goodness, we are more about delivering a unique experience for the whole family.

“As such, we are always developing new and intriguing ways to engage with our guests, who have been a crucial part of making the NY Steak Shack brand what it is today.

“And today’s Wagyu Steak Eating Challenge bears testament to that fact.”

Earlier before the Wagyu Steak Eating Challenge, the crowd at IOI City Mall was given the chance to participate in the fanfare by taking part in a ‘Fries & Pepsi’ Eating Challenge, in which the winner walked away with the Instax Square SQ20.

The mechanics were simple; all they had to do was finish a cup of Pepsi and a plate of crispy fries in the quickest time.

From 1 September to 30 November 2018, guests who ordered a wagyu steak at any NY Steak Shack outlet were given the opportunity to take part in the steak eating challenge.

Out of the hundreds of entries, ten male and ten female finalists were chosen by random to battle it out for the title of NY Steak Shack Steak Eating Champion.

The NY Steak Shack Wagyu Steak Eating Challenge is organized in partnership with Lucky Frozen Sdn Bhd, Etika Sdn. Bhd. and IOI City Mall.

Inspired by New York City, NY Steak Shack is a homegrown Malaysian brand that captures the essence and vivacity of the Big Apple as it is fondly referred to.

The result is a culinary synergy unlike any other, creating a genuinely unique and distinct offering.

Truly a sizzling sensation for all the senses, NY Steak Shack is the ultimate place to satisfy those cravings for mouthwatering meaty goodness.

Savour our signature sizzling steaks or indulge in our succulent burgers, tasty shakes, mouthful starters, healthy salad, delicious soups, mouth-watering pasta & rice, extravagant sharing platters and so much more!

The first steak shack in Malaysia to receive HALAL certification from JAKIM, NY Steak Shack offers affordable meals, enticing discerning meat lovers with affordable prices – a mere fraction of what they can expect to pay at other conventional steakhouses. NY Steak Shack’s first outlet was opened in July 2014.

Currently, there are eight outlets located in the Klang Valley, with additional outlets in the pipeline.

For more info, log on to http://www.nysteakshack.com

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