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Cool Off in this Bathtub Cinema if You Can’t Stand the Tokyo Heat

The heat has become overwhelming for anyone in Japan this summer. In fact, there has been numerous reports of heatstroke victims.

To counter this, a new Bathtub Cinema will be opening up in Tokyo in MAG’s Park.

To be exact, it will be located right on the rooftop of MAGNET by SHIBUYA109 building which will give you a view of the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing.

The concept first started in London, Soranews24 reported. Patrons get to soak inside one of the many tubs, enjoy drinks and snacks while indulging in some of the latest blockbuster movies.

There will be 12 round portable bathtubs which can fit up to 4 people and it is limited to three days only between August 17th and 19th, 2018.

On the first day, Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle will be screened while the next night, patrons can enjoy the high-speed movie, Baby Driver.

Then, on the final night, cinema-goers can engross yourselves in the latest Spider Man movie.

If you will be in town over the weekend, then you should totally try out this extremely rare event.

Source: Soranews24

Tickets start selling on July 28th starting from 18,000 yen (RM658) per tub. After the screening, there will be a party too as a DJ will be spinning the night away.

The schedule roughly goes like this:

Time Flow
6:30PM Venue open
7:30PM Movie screening
10:30PM Party begins til late




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