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Dr Siti Hasmah’s Handbag is NOT Marie Claire but is Hamano

Recently, a post regarding Dr Siti Hasmah’s handbag went viral on Facebook.

The fan page of Tun Dr Mahatir called Kelab Che Det claimed that the first lady’s handbag is from Marie Claire and costs RM125 only, Says wrote.

Thousands of people shared and liked the post. They poured in praises towards Dr Siti Hasmah for being humble enough to choose an inexpensive bag.

It was then revealed that the handbag is actually from Hamano and costs about USD533 (RM2,122). Hamano is brand hailed from Japan which started in 1880.

They pride themselves in handcrafting each and every one of their wonderful leather bags.

Although it is pricier than the Marie Claire bag, the price is only a fraction of an Hermès Birkin bag owned by Rosmah Mansor. The price of each Birkin bag varies but is estimated to be around USD380,000 (RM1,512,324).

Meanwhile, Siti Hasmah is also asking Malaysians to stop sending congratulatory gifts to Tun Mahatir and herself. Instead, she hopes everyone would take this opportunity to give to charity instead.

The couple’s daughter, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, told the press that their parents are truly thankful for the wonderful gifts and well wishes.

“She (Dr Siti Hasmah) is very grateful and appreciative of your kind thoughts, prayers and messages,” said Marina in a statement on her Facebook page on Wednesday (May 23).

“However accompanying many of these congratulations are flowers, food and other gifts.She has asked me to request that there be no more gifts sent.

“My parents are not moving into Sri Perdana but instead are going to continue living at their own home.

It’s comfortable but really does not have space for any more stuff.”

Marina passes the message from her mother which asks everyone to spend that money for the needy.

“That would please her very much.”

The wonderful first lady is not only humble, but of a great heart too. Both Tun Mahatir and Dr Siti Hasmah would definitely prefer this rather than being showered by the presents themselves.

Talk about modesty at its finest.

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