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Experience Art & Cultures by Katja Loher During Your Stay at The House Collective

 The House Collective by Swire Hotels has created its first ever Art Programme, ‘Encounters Across Cultures’ with ‘Seeds of Life’ as 2019’s theme.  

Known for impeccable modern luxury with warm, friendly and efficient service, The House Collective is comprised of four refined and highly individual hotels: The Opposite House in Beijing, The Upper House in Hong Kong, The Temple House in Chengdu and The Middle House in Shanghai.

Over the course of 2019, ‘Encounters Across Cultures: Seeds of Life’ will celebrate each House’s connection to both local and global cultures, with the creation of four unique installations in Beijing, Hong Kong, Chengdu and Shanghai.

Each installation will respond to the local cultural environment through the following focuses:

  • The Opposite House, Beijing: Contemporary Chinese Art from 22 March 2019
  • The Upper House, Hong Kong: Cross-disciplinary Taste Makers from May 2019
  • The Middle House, Shanghai: Fashion Design from August 2019
  • The Temple House, Chengdu: Chinese Traditional Masters from September 2019 

Managing Director of Swire Hotels, Toby Smith, said,

“Art and design are completely at the core of who we are as a brand.

“Our typical guests are seasoned travellers with a genuine passion for art and culture, people who seek a different experience from the hotels they choose.

“As a result we are always looking for new ways to inspire and connect them with the locale.   

“Our inaugural art programme is a way of breaking down cultural boundaries and celebrating collaboration.

“We have long standing relationships with the art scene in each of the cities in which our Houses are based and our art programme is a wonderful way to reflect this.”

This year, the programme will feature Katja Loher, an award-winning multidisciplinary artist whose work incorporates music, dance and costume to celebrate universal connections.

Swiss born Loher is changing the face of art through her development of ‘video sculpture’, a technique that she will employ at each of the four House Collective properties.

Her concept for each installation is inspired by the Chinese five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

These elements will then be brought to life through video projections featuring specially curated choreography and inspiration from encounters with locally-based artists to create pieces that are reflective of the distinct environment of each city.

Based in New York since 2004, Loher has exhibited throughout Asia, Europe and America, in venues including the Swiss Embassy, New Delhi, the Venice Biennale and the Beijing Today Art Museum. 

The first installation titled ‘Where does the Dew Reflect the Newborn Bees?’ was unveiled at The Opposite House as part of Gallery Weekend Beijing’s official line-up.

In creating this work, Katja Loher took inspiration from Beijing-based artists Nabuqi, Wang Shang, Ye Funa and Shao Fan as well as contemporary dance choreographer Zhao Liang and dance troupe Beijing Dance Theatre.

To celebrate the launch of The House Collective’s ‘Encounters Across Cultures’ Art Programme, The Opposite House has created a special room package:

‘Encounters Across Cultures: Seeds of Life’

Stay in Studio 70 for a minimum of 2 nights with breakfast included for two and a private art tour with driver following Katja’s journey in Beijing

Rate: RMB 2,100+ (RM1,293)

For further information on ‘Encounters Across Cultures’, visit: The House Collective’s website.

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