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Get Sashimi On the Go with This New and Innovative Packaging

We’re all about convenience today. Almost anything and everything comes in well-developed packaging. Everything is ready for on-the-go action now.

One thing we truly love about Japanese food would have to be their selection of raw fishes, or better known as sashimi. The thing with sashimi is that they’re usually only available in sushi restaurants.

Of course, Japan being the country of amazing research and development hub they are, they’ve come up with an all-new convenient way of consuming raw fish.

Currently offered in Japan only by Shizouka Prefecture-based fishery company Kaisho, they come in packaging which looks similar to supplements sold in the country.

Each 4-gram pack contains slabs of the delicious meat but they are categorised based on the vitamins which you can get most out of the types of fish.

Salmon is labelled as Vitamin B6, tuna is protein and sweet shrimp (amaebi) is Vitamin B12.

These Ari no Manma foods are shipped frozen and you should keep them in the freezer until you want to eat it. Just take it out and let it thaw.

The packaging is designed in a way where you can tear it open easily and pour some soy sauce directly into the bag. With a fork as part of the packaging, you can eat it wherever and whenever.

The 3-pack set costs 1,090 yen (RM40.20) and the 6-pack bundle will set you back at 1,950 yen (RM72).

Sounds pretty interesting but a tad bit costly too but if any of you ever try them out, do let us know what it’s like.


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