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Get Your Senses Tingled with Amazing Food and Drinks at The Wonderarium

The House of Martell and Japas “fun” dining restaurant, Babe by Jeff Ramsey will host The Wonderarium, a series of four convivial, cocktail socials that invites guests to uncover new ways to engage with variations of flavour and taste through food, drink and gastronomy experimentation.

Sebastien Mouquet, Managing Director of Pernod-Ricard Malaysia, said,

“The Wonderarium invites guests to broaden their gastronomic perspectives while going on an unexpected but edifying exploration of how we perceive and enjoy tastes.

“Everything about this event encourages guests to surrender to their curiosity; to see the unseen, feel what others don’t, and experience what others aren’t.”

Guests at The Wonderarium will enjoy Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels cocktails and complementary or contrasting Japanese-styled tapas, served in timed sequence to accommodate the evening’s pièce de résistance staged at the bespoke Martell Trunk.

At the trunk, Chef Jeff Ramsey personally leads small groups of guests through a series of mind-opening, interactive sensorial gastronomy experiments and curiosities that are central to the soirée’s experience.

Ramsey said,

“When you step up to the Martell Trunk, it should immediately inspire you to question the obvious and embrace your curious spirit. You may inhalea flavour or taste something that isn’t quite like it seems.

“I want guests to leave with a wealth of gastronomical eureka moments, and more questions than answers.”

The first of The Wonderarium cocktail socials on 14 and 15 June, priced at RM280++ per person, will cast a light on Umami & Smoke flavours through three Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels cocktails and nine courses of tapas:

As the oldest of the great cognac houses, Martell has a 300-year legacy of innovation in cognac-making that celebrates the spirit of experimentation, an ethos it shares with Babe.

Throughout The Wonderarium series are one of many collaborations that offer tastemakers and taste explorers truly disruptive, new ways to enjoy true moments of pleasure.

Upcoming instalments of The Wonderarium will feature Babe’s collaboration with Osmund Bernard of Kenshin Bar. The next cocktail social is slated for 6 and 7 September, 2019.

The first Wonderarium cocktail social on 14 and 15 June is now open for reservations. Please call Babe at +60320958599 or visit their website at www.babe.com.my to reserve your spot.

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