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Get Your Shellfish Fix at Vasco’s During Limited Time Crab Chow Down Buffet

Hilton Kuala Lumpur will be bringing guests on a crustacean journey at its all-day dining restaurant, Vasco’s. For the whole month of April, seafood lovers will be treated to an array of authentic crab dishes prepared with fresh crab meat and roe to enjoy.

Available for dinner, Vasco’s will be serving a mix of robust flavours from different cuisines such as Indian, Malay, Chinese, Japanese and even a live tom yam cooking station using four different crabs; blue swimmer crabs, flower crabs, baby crabs and soft shell crabs.

Details for the crab chow down buffet at Vasco’s are as below:

Available from 1st April – 31st April 2019; Monday to Sunday

Dinner: 6:00pm – 10:30pm; RM 178 nett per person (add on RM 100 for Vasco’s beverage package which includes tiger beer, selected house wine and soft drinks).

Begin the crab journey at Vasco’s with cold starters such as the Flower Crabs on Ice, Crab Salmon Rolls or a Malay-style crab salad called Kerabu Ketam with Avocado before heating things up with a warm bowl of tom yam soup with a choice of having either the Blue Swimmer Crab or Flower Crab.

Head on over to the Chinese section of the restaurant for traditional Chinese-style crab dishes, which includes Kam Heong Crab and Stir Fried Chili Crab for diners who seek to, continue the spicy adventure.

For soup lovers, the Chinese section will also be preparing a braised crabmeat soup to enjoy in a bowlful.

Try out the Malay section next where diners will be able to find authentic Malay-style Crab Curry or the Crab and Pineapple cooked with coconut gravy.

For fried options, the Malay section will be offering Crispy Baby Crab with Vasco’s special sauce on the side.

Finally, be sure to check out the Indian section for a range of aromatic crab dishes such as Goan Crab Curry, Crab Chanttinadu, and Crab cooked in Tandoori style.

As part of its Travel with Purpose commitment, Hilton Kuala Lumpur ensures that its seafood supply is responsibly sourced so that every item bought, sourced, used and served is managed in a responsible manner to help preserve the environment. 

For the Crab Chow Down promotion, Vasco’s will procurement crab locally to support businesses from the coasts of Sarawak and Straits of Johor.

Do not miss this crab chow down promotion happening in April at Vasco’s Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

For more information on the crab chow down or to make your reservations at Vasco’s kindly call +603 2264 2264 or email [email protected].

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