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Harriston Releases Ruby Cocoa Chocolates in Conjunction with Appreciating Women

We all have our fair share of queens in our lives and that may be our mothers, sisters or significant other. However, not many know that women in general play a pivotal role in growing businesses too!

Harriston, the award winning chocolatier, strips down and goes personal with its queens, Wei Tzyy and Queenie Teng, the CEO and Executive Director of Harriston respectively.

Making the celebration even sweeter, they too are revealing a new addition to their variants of ruby chocolate – the Ruby Raisin and Ruby Almond chocolates.

Queenie said,

“At Harriston, we are committed to finding the right balance to further push our progress by nurturing a diverse, inclusive environment.

“Our society is evolving and working opportunities should be based on merit and hard work, not gender.”

This is a time which marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity in businesses.

Studies have shown that having a minimum of 30 percent women in leadership roles substantiates a company’s net profit margin by six percent.

Together with all the strong women of today, Harriston celebrates the occasion with some insights on being key female leaders in their industry to inspire conversation and bring further awareness to gender equality.

“As a leader, time is always the most significant barrier.

“When I took this responsibility, I had a hard time structuring the business and ensuring that the branding as well as marketing were in place,” continued Queenie.

Taking over the company from their father’s reign, the two sisters had a vision to grow the business exponentially.

However, with every goal there will always be a hurdle. The mission was to revolutionise the brand and appeal to more people but it was difficult to achieve as things were mainly operating with a traditional business model.

Wei Tzyy shared,

“We realised that having the right messaging and brand positioning are one of the most important pillars of growing a business.

“So we made it a point to give our products a fresh and vibrant outlook. It is imperative for a brand to resonate with the people and that is what we have been doing.”

Taking their brand to greater heights, Harriston then collaborated with Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading chocolate manufacturer, to distribute and promote the ground breaking Ruby chocolate in Southeast Asia for the first time.

Discovered 80 years after the white chocolate, this initiative was done in a timely manner and shows that the two sisters mean business.

In light of an empowering celebration, Harriston has recently launched the Ruby Raisin and Ruby Almond chocolates which are priced at RM29.90 per pack and RM50 for two!

Made from ruby cocoa beans without the use of any colouring or flavouring, ruby chocolate comes in ruby colour and embodies an explosive taste of natural berry fruitiness so much so that the millennial chocolate is said to be a chocolate of its own breed, carrying a taste which cannot be found anywhere else.

If you haven’t got the chance to taste the exquisite ruby chocolate yet, this is the perfect time for you to take a bite and relish in the wonders of chocolates with Harriston.

For more information, please log on to Harriston’s website.

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