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Here are 4 Great Places You Can Visit with the Family This Holiday Season

School’s nearly out and the countdown begins for the final bell to ring.

Planning the highly-anticipated year-end family getaway can be tricky when accommodating the needs of the whole family, so whether your family is looking for adventure, a little bit of fairy tale magic or a journey of self-discovery and philanthropy, Agoda, one of the world’s fastest-growing online travel agents (OTA), has a huge selection of hotels and vacation home rentals to inspire holiday ideas that will give your family something to talk about long after the break is over!

Walk on the whimsical side

With a great selection of unique accommodation options, you might just find magical places to stay that are destinations in themselves.

Take for example, Hằng Nga guesthouse in Da Lat, Vietnam, which is also known as the ‘Crazy House’ or ‘Fairy Tale House’.

It’s a tree-trunk-like guesthouse that features rooms with different animal themes, winding staircases, a maze of pathways and bridges that lead you to panoramic views of the city.

Imagine the delight on your kids’ faces when you tell them they will stay in a property that looks like it comes right out of a scene of a nursery rhyme.


Live out a real-life Indiana Jones-style adventure

Want to holiday like an action hero? Why not explore lost cities and the great outdoors such as the Inca City of Machu Picchu, high in the Andes in Peru.

Touch down in Lima, Peru where Caza Azul will make an ideal basecamp for the family, then make your way to explore the dramatic landscapes of the Sacred Valley where activities such as mountain biking, trekking, horse-riding and river rafting abound.

Finally, cap off the journey by exploring the mysteries of Cuzco and marvel at the ancient city of Machu Picchu.


Become a local for a day (or two!)

‘Eat where the locals eat, shop where the locals shop and sleep where the locals sleep’ – this travel philosophy will have you and your family experiencing and embracing life as the locals know it.

Head to Seoul to get the full Korean experience. Start off by checking in to the Hanok 24 Guesthouse Gyeongbokgung, a traditional Korean-style homestay.

Ask the guesthouse owners what their favourite local spots and family activities are, or better yet, have them plan your itinerary for the day!

Yes, you heard us right – give your guidebooks a break and get the inside scoop from the locals themselves for an authentic experience.


Make a Difference

For a more meaningful family holiday, consider giving back to local communities by taking part in a volunteer experience or supporting a local non-profit that is guaranteed to leave a positive impact on your kids.

Not only will this give the entire family a real hands-on understanding of local wildlife and communities, it is also a great way to bond!

In Thailand, there are plenty of ethical elephant sanctuaries available like the Happy Elephant Home.

Here the entire family can learn about humane animal treatment while also spending the day or afternoon preparing food, feeding and bathing the gentle giants!

Relax and unwind in the rice field facing individual villas at the Phusanfah Resort, 30 minutes away.


So, what are you waiting for? Book your holidays ASAP!

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