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Here are 6 Soon-to-Be Travel Hot Spots for 2019

Travelling has become a widespread lifestyle. Back then, it used to be for a special occasion only but now, it’s so normal to travel.

Be it within the country or outside, we all have a destination in mind. Unfortunately, a bunch of places have become far too crowded with tourists, and therefore ruining the getaway vibes.

Travel operator Scott Dunn has some new hotspots to recommend.

Check this list out:


Europe’s hidden gem offers spectacular mountain scenery, forests and lakes and a fascinating history – renowned for a predominance of castles and a thriving cultural scene.

Scott Dunn’s guests can now enjoy a range of thrilling itineraries throughout the country with endless opportunities for hiking, kayaking, rafting and private cultural tours.



Chile has just announced three new scenic trekking routes through its Patagonia wilderness covering 2,800km from Puerto Montt down to Cape Horn. The trails include the Southern Way, the Patagonian channels and the End of the World Route.



As Machu Picchu visitor numbers reach an all-time high, Scott Dunn is developing its less explored Northern Peru offering and introducing Chachapoyas – a region in Peru’s high Andes, covered in cloud forest and home to the pre-Inca hilltop ruins of Kuelap.

With only a handful of visitors at any time, guests will have a truly off-the-beaten track experience far from the crowds of the Sacred Valley.

The impressive Gocta Waterfall is also here, hidden in a rocky canyon and immersed in cloud forest, the falls can only be reached by trekking with a private guide.

Adding to intrigue for archaeology fans, the Karija sarcophagi statues (Mummy Cases) located high up the mountainside can also be easily reached with a guide from Chachapoyas.

Scott Dunn will also introduce the Trujillo region to its portfolio – home to the Chan Chan ruins, Huacas del Sol y la Luna and Huaca Dragon – all impressive adobe ruins out in the desert.



More luxurious high-end properties are set to open in 2019. Wilderness opens its second property – Magashi Camp – in early 2019 in Akagera National Park, repopulating this magnificent wilderness with lion and black rhino.

Singita is also due to open Kwitonda Lodge in late 2019 on the edge of Volcanoes National Park. Working in close partnership with the Rwandan Development Board and local communities, Singita will be putting gorilla trekking within easy reach of a classic safari with Singita on the Serengeti Plains, Tanzania.

A third hotel Nyungwe House is the newest luxury lodge within the One & Only portfolio, offering guests a range of guided walking excursions including chimpanzee and monkey trekking, and impressive views over the Nyungwe rainforest canopy.



As the political situation stabilizes, interest in the country has once again increased, with camps reopening and new properties being built.

Recent re-openings include Singita Pamushana Lodge, Bumi Hills Safari Lodge and Chikwenga. New properties that opened in 2018 include the Stanley, the Livingstone Boutique Hotel and Nyamatusi.

HOW: Scott Dunn offers 9-night trips to Zimbabwe from US $4,536 per person.



Scott Dunn has recently re-launched Georgia and South Carolina in the enchanting south, both boasting small town communities steeped in history, sprawling plantations and glistening coastlines.

With Singapore Airlines’ launch of direct flights to San Francisco and Los Angeles and re-launch of direct flights to New York, the US has become a lot more accessible for South-east Asia based travellers.


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