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Here’s a Guide for Any Couple Looking for a Romantic Getaway

Global travel specialists at Scott Dunn have come together to compile a collection of exceptional honeymoon itineraries revealed in a new, heart-embossed pink brochure.

From a cosy Arctic honeymoon to a relaxing Grecian getaway or more adventurous Slopes to Surf trip across Canada and Hawaii, there’s something to suit all types of couples looking for an unforgettable way to start the rest of their lives together.

An Artic Honeymoon: Stockholm and Swedish Lapland

From the vibrant and trendy city of Stockholm to the beautiful Lappish wilderness of Sweden, this itinerary is all about balance. It’s ideal for those looking to venture off the beaten track near the Arctic Circle before ending with a culture fix in the cobbled-street capital.

A must-do for honeymooners is to embark on a night-time snowmobiling excursion to try and catch a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights, before retreating to the privacy of Loggers Lodge, a snug timber cabin complete with a sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi.


A Grecian Getaway: Honeymoon in the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is a mythical, magical region with dramatic, unspoilt landscapes, ancient architecture and breathtaking views.

This itinerary combines the intimacy of a 19th century boutique hotel, Tainaron Blue, with the pampering of hilltop hideaway Kinsterna Hotel & Spa and the luxurious haven that is Amanzoe.


Temples, Trecks and Tropical Beaches: Bhutan and Andaman Islands

After months of intense wedding preparations, there’s no better place for couples to unwind than in the Kingdom of Bhutan, which is rated as the Happiest Country on Earth for its relaxing and peaceful disposition.

Bhutan offers endless options for exploring, with spectacular monasteries and iconic landmarks such as the Punakha Dzong and Taktsang Goemba, where one can soak in the positive energy from the people and teachings of Buddhism.


High Peaks and Heavenly Pools: Nepal and Oman

The rugged mountains of Nepal paired with the stunning beaches of Muscat makes for a honeymoon with just the right blend of adventure and relaxation.

Trekking the scenic Annapurna Range, which offers the best views of the Himalayan region, with visits to charming local towns along the way, is the perfect way to get immersed in Nepalese culture.

Last, but definitely not least, the itinerary ends with a burst of colour in the bustling city of Muscat where guests can indulge in authentic Middle-Eastern cuisine, visit the perfume-laden alleyways of the Muttrah Souq market, or simply kick back and relax at The Chedi’s iconic spa.


Slopes to Surf: Whistler and Hawaii

For honeymooners looking for a more adventurous getaway, the Slopes to Surf itinerary showcases the best of Whistler and Hawaii – going from a hub for action-packed mountain activities to some of the world’s most pristine beaches and surf spots.

Apart from the renowned world-class slopes and deep white powder for skiing, Whistler also offers unique experiences including dogsledding, moonlit snowshoe cookouts, gourmet dining and some of the best nightlife in Northern America.

After a few days in the cold, travellers can soak up tropical sun on the idyllic Hualalai island in Hawaii.


Gondolas Galore: Dolomites & Venice

For the ultimate Italian honeymoon, specialists at Scott Dunn recommend pairing the exceptional ski regions of the Dolomites with the eternally beautiful city of love, Venice.

With its ski pistes to suit all levels and array of Michelin star restaurants for romantic apres-ski evenings, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites is a dream come true for ski enthusiasts.

This Italian itinerary ends in Venice, where lovers can wander the ancient city exploring beautifully restored buildings, or hop on a romantic gondola through the meandering canals before indulging in gourmet Italian cuisine.


Orangutans and Beach Bliss: Borneo and Bali

Ideal for couples who share a strong affinity with wildlife, this honeymoon itinerary has serious heart, pairing an immersion into rare wildlife in Borneo with the tropical beaches of Bali.

Nestled deep within the mostly untouched Borneo rainforest is the Sepilok Nature Resort, a stone’s throw away from the renowned Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre where travellers can learn more about the ‘Old Man of The Forest’.

The trip also includes a visit to the Kinabatangan River, which has the highest concentration of wildlife in Borneo. A romantic boat ride through the mangroves will offer the opportunity to spot proboscis monkeys, rare Hornbills, pygmy elephants and possibly even wild orangutans.


As incredible as the above may sound, this is merely a teaser of the myriad of unique itineraries featured in
Scott Dunn’s Honeymoon brochure, which includes more than 40 holiday ideas across the globe, including
Africa, Asia & Australasia, Europe, India & Arabia, Latin America, North America, Oceans & Islands, and Ski.

For more information on Scott Dunn, please visit, or speak to a Scott Dunn travel
expert on: +65 3158 6530.

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