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Here’s How You Can Fuse Your Personality into the Design of Your House

The Raya celebrations is a perfect opportunity to refresh the home; making it welcoming and comfortable, while catering to the practical needs of hosting guests during the period.

There isn’t just one way to do this – everyone has different tastes and preference, which is reflected in the way we decorate and arrange ours homes.

Therefore, IKEA encourages home owners to let their unique personalities take centre stage; creating unique ambiences that suits them perfectly.

We’ve selected some of our favourite products, which enhance the home in areas that are important to different personalities.

Here, we break down how they could work for your home – just look out for the personality traits that speak out to you.

Personality #1: Calm & Reserved

You prize quality over quantity. Loud and over the top open houses are not your thing, and you’re most likely to entertain a small gathering of people in a cosy setting.

People of this personality can create a space where your guests can kick back and chill through the usage of soft textures.

For example, lay a STENLILLE rug under your sofa and use some ULLKAKTUS cushions to create multi-layered cosy atmosphere.

The softness of the material encourages people to lounge, and the carpet becomes secondary seating for guests.

Ultimately, you want to make your guests feel like they are home, sipping tea and enjoying the intimacy of friends and family.


Personality #2: Nurturing & Generous

You are generous, giving more than is expected of you. You enjoy being able to bring everyone together and find satisfaction in making sure everyone is well fed and having fun.

With large groups of people visiting your home at the same time, you need to get creative and use available space in unique ways.

For example, turn a side table or a laptop stand into a “dining table” by covering it with a tablecloth.

You can also use smart solutions, such as with the GLADOM tray table which serves a dual purpose of being a tray and a table to hold drinks.

Additional chairs are a must, a NISSE folding chairs offer a simple solution which folds away for efficient storage when the party is over.

Speaking of parties, you’ll need to make sure your have enough tableware, with bowls and cutlery being a main priority for all the eating action during Hari Raya.


Personality #3: Bold & Charismatic

Confident and full of energy – this is what comes to mind when people describe you. You are a natural when it comes to entertaining and want everyone to enjoy themselves.

Hence, you are always prepared with a wide array of activities in order to help everyone become a part of the event.

Drawing paper roll and colour pencils for the cousins, video game consoles and board games for the adults – you’ll need a handy place keep them until they are needed.

As people generally congregate in the living room, smart storage solutions such as the KIVIK footstool with storage services as convenient seating at the start of the party and opens to reveal your party equipment when the time comes.

It doesn’t even take up any additional space in the room. If you have an empty wall, opt for the EKET cabinet, which mounts solidly to the wall for off-the-floor storage.

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