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It’s Not TeaLive But Tea Hair, This Peculiar Hair Color Went Viral On Social Media

Looks like Booba Tea crazed isn’t going to end anytime soon!

In the latest posts roaming around Instagram, there’s a new hair colored trending on social media that is called ‘Milk Tea Hair’ and this new hairstyle trend apparently has caught the attention of Japanese and Singaporean girls!

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Get a wearable and fashionable milk tea colour from us. Kindly PM to us or call TEL 82228615 to arrange an appointment to start your hair journey. #sghairstyle #sghairsalon #sghaircolour #milkteahair #milkteaaddict #japanesehairstyle #impressyourself #ravissanthairstudio

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Here’s some tips for you to get the ‘Milk Tea’ look

In an interview with Allure magazine, colorist Olivia Smalley explained,

“It’s the perfect balance of warm tones and cool tones that adds almost an edgier feel to the average balayage,”

 “When asking your colorist for something similar, you want to stress that you’re looking for a color melt look that starts more warm-toned at the root but transitions to ash on the ends. The key here is making sure there is a complete elimination of gold on those lighter ends, while maintaining gold on the roots.”

The name sounds quite weird but why not, it looks STUNNING AF!


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