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London’s Cult Fried Chicken Brand, Wing Wing Spreads Its Wings To Malaysia

After serving London foodies with some of the most sensational chicken wings and such; the London-based cult fried chicken brand, Wing Wing has made its way to the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Situated on the 6th floor of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, its debut outlet, is pecking up a new part of the coop.

The brand was founded by the ‘London Chicken Elite’, and aims to serve the planet’s freshest, krispiest fried chicken you have ever tasted.

Grasping firmly to their food philosophy, Wing Wing’s chickens are freshly delivered every morning, then marinated, battered, and hand-brushed using only the finest ingredients – French flour and natural spices.

The hand-brushing technique creates a thin layer of coating over the basic marination, in order to deliver the thin, crackly and almost transparent crust that Wing Wing swears by.

There are three flavours available for their signature fried chicken wing, drumette and drumstick; namely soy garlic, spicy and liquorice.

Lesser known by Malaysians, liquorice is an ancient Mediterranean herb that has been used in food and medicines for thousand of years, and is one of the most celebrated Wing Wing flavours. It boasts a distinctive, naturally-sweet flavour, which when melded with the savoury meat, creates a harmonious clash for the tastebuds to crave time and time again.

Aside from their popular krispy chicken, Wing Wing also offers a wide variety of meal choices. One of their signatures – Chicken Katsu Bao, is served on a lightly-fried all-time Chinese favourite – mantou bao, paired with their krispy, tender chicken and a generous dollop of kimchi coleslaw!

For fellow Malaysians who ‘must have rice with their meals’, Wing Wing also offers rice as part of their set meals, along with more ‘traditional’ sides including: french fries, kimchi coleslaw, salad, and more. 

Feeling hungry? Wait no more and visit Wing Wing store today at 6th Floor, Pavilion KL (opposite Starbucks)
 168, Bukit Bintang Street, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily
For the latest information, follow Wing Wing on their Instagram page @wearewingwing.my.

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