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Looking for Inspirational Travel Destinations? Check These 6 Hot Spots Out!

To mark the end of the film awards season next week, Agoda, one of the world’s fastest growing digital travel companies, shares its list of holiday ideas inspired by the past year’s blockbuster hits and award winners.

Action-packed holiday spots

If you fancy playing action hero for a day or two, head to Queenstown, New Zealand, where Mission Impossible: Fallout filmed its helicopter action sequence.

Take your own helicopter ride and indulge in New Zealand’s other extreme sports, from bungee jumping to heli-skiing.

If Sci-Fi and the chance to run into dinosaurs in the modern world is more your thing, head to Oahu, Hawaii, the setting for Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom.

Not only is it an excellent backdrop for extinct creatures, but also for adventurers looking for a holiday full of sea, volcanoes, outdoor sports and lush nature.


Film-inspired city breaks

Crazy Rich Asians, the rom-com of the year, has travellers going crazy for Singapore.

The film captured multiple locations across Singapore, from the famous Gardens by the Bay to the food hawker stalls at Newton Food Centre, which lends itself to a pretty full itinerary for anyone keen to explore the Lion City.

Meanwhile, Black Panther had its epic casino fight and car-chase scenes take place in Busan, Korea, a city that’s arguably more beautiful at night than during the day.

Though the glamorous underground casino doesn’t exist in real life, you can pretend otherwise at one of Busan’s swanky cocktail lounges or nightclubs.

During the day, check out Busan’s beaches, hot springs, temples, and shrines – local gems that didn’t make the cut for the film.


Take note of these musical destinations

The City of Angels was the backdrop for many of the scenes in this year’s remake of A Star is Born, the romantic drama about a seasoned country musician eclipsed by his rising star of a partner.

Throughout the movie, many of its noteworthy concert scenes were shot across a number of Los Angeles venues, including the 5,870-seat music venue Greek Theatre, the cosy Regent Theatre, and the Shrine Auditorium, a landmark venue where multiple film and music award events have been held.

On the other hand, if your taste in music is more classic rock than country, this award-winning biographical film about one of the greatest rock bands of all time should be on your must-watch list.

Bohemian Rhapsody is framed around the band’s Live Aid performance at Wembley Stadium, London. Home to England’s football, Wembley is also still one of the most popular venues for major artists to perform.


Well, this made have helped you plan out a bunch of great holidays or maybe even scramble your holiday destinations list. But these places are definitely worth checking before we die.

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