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Lotion Isn’t Actually The Best Way To Moisturize After Shower

Lotions vs moisturizes.

Typically when we talk about lotions, we would gravitate towards body care whilst moisturizers are constantly related to face care. But do you actually know that that’s actually false?

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There’s a bigger picture people tend to overlook when it comes to lotion and moisturizers. Undeniably, slathering lotion all over our body after shower has become our second nature. Unfortunately, you might be shocked when you know lotion isn’t necessarily the same as moisturizing.

Okay, maybe you’re right to be applying moisturizers immediately after shower, but you could be wrong about the type of moisturizers to use. Recently, the beauty industry just came out with a ‘in shower moisturizer’ that claims to lock in moisture much better than regular post-shower lotions.

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But according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), a group of over 20,000 practicing dermatologists suggest using and ointment or cream is the best option to get the most hydration after showering—in contrast to lotions.

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If you have dry skin, lotions, oitments and creams are particularly crucial!

This is because ointments have the greatest emollient effect, which may result in a greasy aftermath. But these emollients can create a barrier between the skin and the environment which seals moisture into the skin.

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On contrary, creams offer the best moisturizing benefits! Owing to its water soluble property and higher hydration content, creams can soak your skin with the best moisture your skin will ever need!

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While lotions are actually less effective compared to the former. However, don’t just throw away your lotions! Even though the are more diluted, lotion comes in handy when moisturizing hairy areas of the body. Lotions will spread thin on the skin and its light consistency will spread evenly.

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So next time when you want to find lotions for the body, you might want to think twice.

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