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McDonald’s Extends Menu Hours + New Dishes in Conjunction with Ramadan

McDonald’s Malaysia is launching two new menu offerings for its guests that are looking for a delicious, fulfilling meal during the month of Ramadan.

Throughout the month, McDonald’s customers can choose between two exclusive offerings – the all new Nasi McD and the return of the Chicken Foldover – which are now available in all McDonald’s restaurants.

For rice lovers, the Nasi McD, paired with McDonald’s famous, spicy, Ayam Goreng McD, will now be served with an all new Curry Sauce that customers can add-on. Nasi McD will be available with a choice of 1 piece or 2 pieces of Ayam Goreng McD.

The set comes inclusive of a medium coleslaw and a medium Iced Lemon Tea, for a complete meal that’s perfect for buka puasa.

The new menu offering also brings back a customer favourite – the Chicken Foldover – with two pieces of perfectly grilled, juicy chicken patties, topped with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and an all new special sauce, all wrapped in a warm toasted flatbread.

Served with McDonald’s World Famous French Fries, and Iced Lemon Tea, it is a filling meal for customers who are looking for a new taste experience.

Melati Abdul Hai, Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer, said,

“Ramadan is the most holy of months for all Muslims, and it is also a time when all Malaysians celebrate their love of food.

“Whilst there are many iconic tastes that we offer all year round, we find occasions or seasons like Ramadan perfect to offer our customers a differentiated and exciting flavour experience.”

In addition to the Nasi McD and the Chicken Foldover, customers can also look forward to a range of desserts exploding with local flavours.

Not only is McDonald’s bringing back the D24 Durian McFlurry – which is always a hit with customers – it is also reintroducing the Banana Pie, a great menu item to breakfast, with its aromatic banana filling in the signature crisp McDonald’s pillow pie.

For customers that are on the go, or for customers who want to complement their meals with a sweet and refreshing beverage, McDonald’s menu line-up also offers the Sarsaparilla Cones and the new McCafe Ice Blended Ribena.

Not forgetting the Sahur meal, starting 6 May, McDonald’s will be extending selected Regular Menu items until 6am to cater to customers who are fasting.

This includes the Nasi McD, Ayam Goreng McD, McChicken, Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, and Chicken McNuggets, which will be available to customers looking for a satisfying meal to bersahur with at McDonald’s.

The Nasi McD set with 1 piece of Ayam Goreng McD, coleslaw and medium Iced Lemon Tea starts from only RM13.95, while the set with 2 pieces of Ayam Goreng McD costs RM16.95.

The Chicken Foldover Meal is available at RM16.95, and comes complete with medium French Fries and medium Iced Lemon Tea.

McDonald’s Malaysia’s Ramadan menu offerings are now available, and will be sold until 5 June 2019.

Even more exciting, McDonald’s is also launching the “30-Days of Ramadan” promotion exclusively via the McDonald’s App.

The ‘30-days, 30-deals’ offers special discount coupons which will be released on the App on a daily basis. To enjoy these amazing discounts, customers just need to download the McDonald’s App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

As a yearly affair, all 270 McDonald’s restaurants in Malaysia will organise a weekly moreh (after prayer meals) at various local mosques.

Through this initiative, McDonald’s aims to strengthen ties and build relationships with the surrounding communities. McDonald’s Malaysia’s pledge this holy month of Ramadan: the underprivileged will not be forgotten thus McDonald’s Malaysia will be hosting orphanages for a buka puasa treat.

Melati added,

“In our 37 years in Malaysia, McDonald’s has witnessed that Ramadan brings out the best in us.

“It is only natural for McDonald’s to continue doing our part in the communities we operate in by creating initiatives that bring us closer to people.”

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