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MMSpot Launches an e-Vouchers Apps that ‘Shop More, Save More and Earn More’

MMspot had brought up the online shopping game to another level!

On 3rd and 4th of August, an experiential expo at Mid Valley was held for two days to the public to introduce this refreshing and innovative online shopping experience through its own Digital Rewards Platform called MMspot!

Exclusively for first timers, MMspot is launching their first consumer starter pack called “SATAY” which rewards the users with e-Vouchers (eV) worth of RM300 for only RM100 cash! These e-Vs can be used to shop at any MMspot collaborator platforms that not only limited to online shopping platforms but also include as below:

Online Shopping Platform – Mbooster e-Voucher (eVM)

Event Management & Concerts – MacpiePro e-Voucher (eVP)

F&B Retail Listing Platform – JioBuddy e-Voucher (eVJ)

Real Estate Property Listing Platform – Ridgez e-Voucher (eVR)

Education Path Matching Platform – Evetag e-Voucher (eVE)

Retail Business Rejuvenation Platform – JioJioGo e-Voucher (eVO)

Automotive Convergence Resale Platform – VeTag e-Voucher (VCV)

Vacation Platform – GoTogether e-Voucher (eVT)

Users can spend their e-Vs and gain reward points, which ultimately can be converted into e-Vs once they are accumulated. Users can also get at least a 10% rebate when they spend their e-Vs! Not only that, these e-Vs can be transferred to friends and families.

Basically, e-Vs on MMspot further enrich a “Shop more, Save more, and Earn more” experience through its digital bigdata sharing community lifestyle.

MMspot exposes a working opportunity to brand owners or enterprises with loyalty rewards to assist their loyal customers with adding value to their earned reward points. MMspot allows their existing users to make use of their unused reward points by converting them to e-Vouchers.

MMspot also enables one of Malaysia’s mobile telco management feature to all Mcalls subscribers which allows Mcalls subcribers to monitor and manage their Mcalls telco plans. Mcalls subscribers can get up to 7% rewards if they top-up and reload by themselves.

The MMspot Experiential Expo the other day offered exclusive deals and special giveaways to the early birds, including free e-Vs that they can use on the MMspot app! For further details, download the app now or log on to for an unreal and innovative e-Voucher shopping experience.

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