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New Creation Helps Cover Women’s Cleavage from Unnecessary Exposure

Women’s breasts have become quite the sexualised object thanks to the glorification of large breasts. Female outfits are often designed to show more cleavage than necessary which more modest ladies often find uncomfortable.

Thankfully for the more low-key ladies, a Japanese company has come up with the Bra Liner which will ultimately save ladies from exposing more than we intend to.

Shaped a little bit like panties laid flat, the Bra Liner is a object which helps cover the cleavage area without having to put on an extra top.

Source: @bra_liner

Typically, to combat such situations, females are taught to wear singlets, camisoles or an extra t-shirt underneath our tops. But the Malaysian weather is hot and another layer of clothing just makes us feel warmer than necessary.

However, the Bra Liner allows us to simply clasp onto our bra straps, ergo covering only the chest, Soranews24 explained.

The best part is how it can be easily put on and removed, making it easy for women to style themselves according to the situation.

Source: @bra_liner

Obviously, women are ecstatic about this ingenious creation but the perverted men would beg to differ.

Some of the guys who prey on unsuspecting women commented,

“Why did you go and have to make something like this?”

“This is the worst. Are you planning to take all the joy out of summer?”

“I just want to say you’ve ruined things for us.”

Nevertheless, only the depraved guys had such nasty things to say. The true gentlemen on the other hand supported the creation of the Bra Liner and even chastised the perverts.

So far, the Bra Liner does not have a price tag yet nor is it officially launched for sale. But anyone who’s interested can follow the Twitter account for more updates.




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