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No More White Card Going into Singapore

Foreign visitors to Singapore will no longer need to scramble for pens on the plane (or in the car), as the city-state is finally doing away with paper arrival cards

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) announced today, 3 October, that the existing Disembarkation/Embarkation Forms will soon be replaced with an electronic version

Currently, all foreign visitors entering Singapore are required to fill up and submit the paper forms upon arrival.

How does the electronic arrival card work?

Prior to arrival, travellers are required fill up the electronic arrival card with their personal information and trip details before submitting it through ICA’s website or mobile application.

Upon arrival, travellers only need to produce their passports for immigration clearance, as the electronic arrival card will be called up by ICA’s immigration system.

Although the electronic arrival card will not be available to the public just yet, the ICA is already preparing to test it out over the next three months to ensure smooth implementation

The ICA said that three-month trial will start on Thursday, 4 October, and conducted across most of the city-state’s air, land, and sea checkpoints, including Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints, Changi Airport, and the four cruise/ferry terminals.

ICA officers may approach foreign visitors who have yet to complete the paper arrival cards upon arriving in the aforementioned checkpoints to participate in the trial, after which they will be asked to provide feedback on the new system.

Source: SAYS

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