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Not Sure What to Get Someone for Christmas? Think Chocolates!

“Christmas is a bridge. We need bridges as the river of time flows past. Today’s Christmas should mean creating happy hours for tomorrow and reliving those of yesterday.” ― Gladys Taber.

In the spirit of celebrating the season of love and joy, Harriston brings more happiness with authentic chocolates perfect for gifting this Christmas.

Crafting each delicate chocolate by hand, with care and attention, Harriston emphasises on creating premium products made flawlessly to meet the highest chocolate standards.

Available for this season, the Christmas Mutiara Box is set to delight the sight and palates of all.

Exquisite in both design and flavour, the Christmas Mutiara Box embodies top-quality, hand-made chocolates crafted from the best ingredients and wrapped in an elegant festive box to impress the most discerning of chocolate lovers.

There are 2 sizes to chose from – a box of 20 and a box of 40 hand crafted chocolate variants ready to relinquish the palates of any chocolate lover.

Decked with decorations of the Christmas season, the exclusive wooden box brings forth vintage elegance and class that is sure to impress the ones we love dearly.

Deemed as comfort food to many, chocolates hold a very special meaning to the local chocolatier as it is their aim to comfort the people with their captivating sweet chocolate tones by infusing the values and taste of Malaysian favourites into their products.

This time, Harriston brings forward the perfect gift to carve endless smiles on people’s faces.

Queenie Teng, Executive Director of Harriston, said,

“We love the idea of celebrating the holiday with chocolate and what could be better than creating the perfect loving gift for the family to enjoy together?

“Chocolates bring happiness and it acts as the perfect companion for everyone especially during this season.

“What makes this gift even better is that once you’ve finished munching on the chocolates, you can then use the Christmas Mutiara Box for your Christmas and other keepsakes!”

A special occasion becomes even more special when one arrives with a box of Harriston chocolates in their hands.

Priced at RM280 for the box of 20s and RM380 for the box of 40s, the Christmas Mutiara Box is set to elevate everyone’s Christmas experience in this season of joy.

For more information, please log on www.harristonchocolate.com or find us on Facebook

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