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SM Entertainment to Open First Ever KPOP Museum

We’ve seen some pretty interesting museums and some that have rather eccentric themes too. However, riding on the hype of K-Wave, SM Entertainment will be opening the first ever KPOP museum.

The company’s ability to do something which other entertainment companies have yet to do is the reason why SM Entertainment has been the country’s number one for the longest of time.

Source: Koreaboo

According to Koreaboo, the SMTOWN Museum will be located on the third floor of COEX Artium with nine different exhibits.

Each exhibit is as follows:


This sector showcases the entire history of SM artists from debuts to the latest albums. There will be music videos and photo-books on display too so patrons can check out the evolution of their music.


2. Special Exhibition

We all know that our favourite idols are good looking and extremely talented. However, they have their own unique sides to them too which will be the highlight of this particular exhibition.


3. Artist Gallery

For those who are more interested in the artists’ style, this particular sector is the exact spot you need to check out. The Artist Gallery features a collection of stage outfits and accessories worn by the SM idols.


4. SMTown Live Beyond Story

Ever wondered what artists go through in the backstage of concerts? You can see everything that goes on behind the scenes in this sector.


5. Dreams Come True with NCT

NCTzens will get a special treat because the boys will have their very own corner. Through the story of NCT, visitors can learn how SM Entertainment grooms their artists.


6. AR Photo with Artist

Always wanted to take a picture with your favourite idols but never got the chance to meet them? In the augmented reality (AR) booth, you can do exactly just that.

Then, you can post those pictures up on social media and show off to all your friends.


7. Recording Studio

Many fans of SM Entertainment will be familiar with the Everysing app. It is a special mobile application developed by the company which is basically a karaoke app featuring songs by SM artists.

Using a virtual experience and this app, visitors can feel as though you’re in one of those high-tech recording studios.


8. MCN Studio

There’s a special YouTube programme called !t Live which is a live show that displays what goes on in waiting rooms of concerts and other shows.

The difference between SMTown Live Beyond Story and this programme is that one is live while the other is all pre-recorded videos.


9. SMTOWN Outer Wall Media

Source: WowKeren

On the outer wall of the building has a massive UHD screen which will also be screening !t Live. This sector is specifically for the people who are outside of the building.


Meanwhile, because the museum will be occupying the same space where Jonghyun’s memorial site is currently located, SM Entertainment has decided to turn the messages left by fans into pictures and videos to better preserve these precious memories.

When Jonghyun sadly passed away in December 2017, the agency prepared this space for fans to properly pay tribute. However, because the three months time dedicated for this memorial is up, they’ve decided to preserve the space in a different way instead.

Source: fyjjong

SM’s statement regarding this move reads,

“Hello. We would like to sincerely thank the many fans who have visited Jonghyun’s memorial to honour him.

“As winter turns to spring, for the people who took the time to remember Jonghyun and love him as an artist even in tough times, we will not forget your warm hearts.

“We believe that Jonghyun heard all of the fans’ messages filled with longing for him and we’ll gather all the precious messages you’ve given in our hearts.

“For all the fans who gave strength to Jonghyun on his final path, we will be saving the memorial space in photos and videos so we can remember the memorial together. We will post everything on SHINee’s official channel to allow all of his fans to see it at any time.

“Even though we still can’t accept his sudden departure, we would like to thank all of the fans who gave their strength to Jonghyun once again.”


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