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Spoil Mum & Dad This Parents’ Day with Classic Time Pieces

We might not recall the stories told by heart, but bits and bobs surface and we remember how utterly cool our parents are.

From the sick moves on the disco dance floor to surviving the wilderness, or even weathering every day life without the help of technology, the generations today can hardly compare.

For this coming Parents’ Day, Red Army Watches is sharing a lineup of classic and modern timepieces for mum and dad, reminding how precious they are to us.

Who knows, they might just start bragging about how cool their kids are for gifting them these:

For Mum

Zeppelin, Princess of the Sky

Mum loves to change it up when it comes to fashion? This will be perfect. Though a watch, Princess of the Sky can be worn as stylishly on the neck as it would on the wrist.

This unique concept was designed to revive the glamour of the Golden Twenties in celebration of the 100th Zeppelin anniversary.

Built in with fine technology, the visible mechanical motions and fascinating details are a sight to behold. The quartz model comes with an elegant Guilloche dial, embellished with 12 Swarovski crystals.


Sturmanskie, Mars Lady

For Mars Lady, individuality is priority. Make mum edgier with the inspirations of Russian avant-garde, expressed through its pure geometric form, commanding black and burning red hue.

Colour takes precedence in this exquisite piece – its black lacquered dial with overlaid indices and diamond face trim, and dark leather strap with stainless steel buckle for a classy finish.

As for the movement, this piece is powered by a mechanical auto-winding 9015 Miyota.


Alexander Shorokhoff, Barbara

Jazz lover, piano player, or simply a stylish mum? Look no further than Barbara.

This timepiece is Alexander Shorokhoff’s tribute to jazz musician Barbara Dennerlein, famous for her play on the Hammond organ.

The avant-garde design corresponds to the work of this unique artist, with “with organ keys surrounding a clef that virtually breaks the mould on the colourful and vibrant background”.

With a limitation of 169 pieces, this receiver of the “Special Mention” German Design Award is a desirable collectors item.


For Dad

BOLDR, Odyssey Carbon Green

If there’s ever a watch fit for a Superdad, BOLDR Odyssey would be it. Boasting the ability to withstand most things, it is also light enough to go anywhere.

Using a special compositing process that combines graphite fibres and a special resin, the forged carbon case is six times lighter than steel, but nearly 200 times stronger.

Each watch in this limited run has its fibres arranged randomly, creating a unique, one-of-a- kind design on the wrist, ready for any spontaneous adventures.

If it’s #toughenough to take on anything, it’s good enough for dad.


Gorilla, Bandit

Classic auto buffs like many dads would be ecstatic to own a Bandit from the Fastback GT collection. Its colour combination is reminiscence to the childhood poster car and arguably the most famous of Pontiac Trans Am’s, the 1977 Firebird Bandit.

Akin to the legendary ride, the rose gold-tinted accents of the anodised aluminium pinstripe and flange pop against the Bandit’s sleek layered forged carbon case.

The matte black dial of the GT Bandit is marked with individually applied, vertically brushed numerals galvanically treated in rose gold tinted metal.



A piece of real history on the wrist – what a way to show your love. From design to materials, everything in the RJM collection contains a piece of WWII history.

It is the world’s first mechanical timepiece that combines authentic salvaged materials cut directly from the PT879 MK IX Spitfire aircraft, with both the design of the aircraft itself, and the watches worn by RAF pilots of that era.

The crown protector, crown tip and rotor decoration are all heavily inspired by the aspects of Spitfire aircrafts that make them an aerodynamic marvel and what makes the RJM stand out on the wrist.

The case is inspired by the watches worn by the British Royal Airforce and the British Army during that era.


All the timepieces are available at Red Army Watches outlets — 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Gurney Plaza and in Sunway Velocity.

BOLDR Odyssey Carbon Green is also available at Robinsons Kuala Lumpur, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place. For more info, visit Red Army Watches’ website.

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