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Style and Comfort: XALF’s Latest Low Heel Collection is a Must Have

To those looking for personally customised footwear this festive season, they can forget all about ready-to-wear as female shoe lovers will be up for a treat with XALF’s latest bespoke low heel collection which boasts an unparalleled made-to-measure experience.

The latest XALF collection, Belle, by footwear fashion entrepreneur duo Xavier Mah and Alfred Hor, is set to jingle up the bespoke footwear scene with over eight new concept looks inspired by the needs and wants of a modern woman.

Belle typically refers to a beautiful lady, notably one who garners the most attention at a particular event, hence the saying “belle of the ball”.

But this collection isn’t just meant to be worn every now and then for special occasions. Instead, it is specifically curated for everyday use in a bustling lifestyle for women of all walks of life.

Mah, Founder of XALF, said,

“This collection was inspired by my travels to vibrant cities like New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

“It really fascinated me how women all across the world have a pair of shoes that are always there to support them and help them go the extra mile, all the while being a great touch to complete their stylish outfit.”

“This showed us the importance of a great pair of shoes, and we realised that besides looking fashionable, it is also crucial for them to bring comfort to their owners and ease the weight on their feet.

“We decided to put this low heel collection together so that women could just sport one pair for every occasion, and be a ‘belle’ wherever they go while constantly being swept away by the comfort that it brings.”

In order to accommodate the extremely versatile yet fashionable demands of this collection, a highly-intricate bespoke process is required. As mass consumers, we are typically only offered the choice of size and colour.

With XALF, one can even opt for the types of padding, mediums and soles, right down to the body materials and colours.

As XALF is uncompromising when it comes to their bespoke philosophy, each of their designs are made-to-measure to ensure true fit for each of their owners by taking into account the tiniest detail and measurements, and made with the most premium of materials.

Once the process of making starts, quality is upheld every step of the way by skilled craftsmen with decades of shoe-making expertise.

Putting ideas into reality, the label has created prototype previews for the Belle collection as means for clients to visualise all eight designs, each of them embodying distinct styles that carry different characteristics – ensuring there will be a suiting style for every metropolitan woman, with their range of low heels.

Hor, Creative Director of XALF, explained,

“For Belle, we carried out extensive research on on what women want by listening to what our loyal clients have to say, and they’ve encouraged us to create this collection that combines great comfort with style to give our clients a boost in confidence.

“We’ve successfully experimented with more unique and experimental designs using high quality materials like leather, horse fur, buckles and suedes in our 8-piece collection that offers a range of 1.5 to 3.5 inch low heels, pointy pumps, open toes and boots.”

Practical, versatile and fashionable are the adjectives rarely experienced together when it comes to women’s footwear.

But XALF is confident that the presence of the three aspects in this collection holds the potential to completely transform a person’s perception towards what ideal footwear can really be, making this a collection that is held really close to its founders’ hearts.

Foxy (RM2,150)

Its sensual color further accentuates the curved body, oozing waves of confidence and sexuality. Further boosted with a two-toned texture, Foxy never fails to make your presence felt.


Betty (RM2,150)

A perfect pink for the fearless and fashionable. Its seamless combination of pink suede and giant oval buckle makes this pair hard not to look at, and adore.


Jane (RM2,150)

For Jane, beauty lies in the simplicity embodied in the pair’s jade green leather body. Regardless, a strike of silver on the heels tells you she’s not one to mess with.


Rowan (RM2,150)

Rowan is mostly peaceful and friendly, and only reveals her stripes when she’s had enough. With a 2 inch pointy pump, Rowan magically blends in yet stands out at the same time.


Roxie (RM2,150)

Make your mark with a protruding leopard fur print, a favorite among sassy and unconventional ladies who are ready to pounce at timely opportunities.


Amber (RM2,150)

Go bright or go home with this low 1.5 inch pump, boasting a delicately bright horse fur for a personality contrast. Finished with black patent piping, securing its beauty and versatility.


Evanora (RM2,450)

Seemingly stern yet graceful, Evanora steps into the occassion in black horse fur boots. She further impresses with its subtle and classy touch of gold plated zip.


Zarya (RM2,450)

This 3.5 inch sturdy boot is tailored for women who are smart and strong enough to hold their own. Finished with a side zip and bright silver heels, this pair brings an extra edge.


For more information or to book an appointment, please visit or call +6010 863 2887.

XALF’s Showroom: A2-13-6, Level 13, Arcoris – Block A Soho, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Facebook : @xalfdesign
Instagram : @xalfdesign

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