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The 10th Starbucks Reserve Just Opened Up in Setia Alam

Starbucks opened its first ever Drive-thru with a Reserve™ bar, at the new Starbucks Reserve™ Setia Alam Drive-thru.

The newly renovated Starbucks store now accommodates a Reserve bar where customers can come in to enjoy premium Reserve coffee or conveniently purchase Starbucks beverages through the drive-thru window.

Created to cater for all coffee-lovers, this Starbucks Reserve™ Setia Alam Drive-thru is the 10th Reserve Store and the 43rd Starbucks Drive-thru in Malaysia. .

The Starbucks Reserve™ Setia Alam Drive-thru features a drive-thru window and two bars inside, a main bar that serves Starbucks core offerings as well as a Reserve™ coffee bar which offers seven brewing methods, including pour-over, Chemex®, coffee press, siphon, Black Eagle espresso, Clover® and nitro cold brewing.

Visitors can not only grab a quick Starbucks on-the-go through the drive-thru window but also now enjoy a unique menu of Starbucks Reserve™ speciality coffee and beans which are brought to life by Starbucks’ very own baristas, called Coffee Masters.

Sydney Quays, Chief Executive Officer of Berjaya Food Berhad and Managing Director of Starbucks Malaysia & Brunei, said,

“For 20 years, Starbucks has consistently innovated new store concepts to fulfil the diverse needs of the Malaysian market.

“Today marks yet another significant milestone as we take everything we have learned around coffee, and customer behaviour, to create a new exciting hybrid store experience.

“The opening of the first Starbucks Reserve Drive-thru store in Malaysia will allow us to cater to both those looking for the convenience of having their coffee on-the-go, or for the coffee-lovers looking to discover rare and exceptional coffee in an immersive space.

“Here at Starbucks, we are constantly exploring different avenues to elevate our customers’ experience through an immersive coffee environment.

“After meticulous planning, we decided that this was a prime location for our 10th Reserve™ Store because of its strategic location and the requests of our Reserve™ customers who reside in this area.”

This new Starbucks Reserve™ in Setia Alam adds to the list of existing Starbucks Reserve™ stores at The Gardens Mall, Sunway Pyramid, SkyAvenue Genting Highlands, Publika, Desa Parkcity, Four Seasons Place Kuala Lumpur, Paradigm Mall Johor and Berjaya Times Square.

Additionally, the Drive-Thru store is adorned with a hand-painted mural on one side of the exterior wall and interior wall.

Dedicated to the 10th Starbucks Reserve™ opening in Malaysia, the mural was designed by Malaysian artist The Sliz, touching on layers of local Baba Nyonya-inspired motifs, realistic depictions of hands enacting coffee-related actions, and The Sliz’s own personal touch.

The new Starbucks Reserve™ Setia Alam Drive-thru opened its doors on 1 May 2019 and customers get to enjoy its Reserve™ ambience or a quick Starbucks coffee fix through the drive-thru.

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