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The 360° VR Experience In Sky VR Is A Must-To-Do Activity If You’re Planning To Go Genting Highlands This Christmas

Don’t just play the game, be in the game!

That is literally the best depiction to the whole Sky VR experience at Resorts World Genting. And if you’re planning on climbing up to Genting Highlands for this Christmas, you should definitely try the Sky VR they have there! Because why? Well, let us tell you!

Resorts World Genting 云顶世界 Sky VR 虚拟实境

Unlike any other VR games that you’ve played before, Sky VR invites you to the most immersive adventure as it transport you into a whole new world; one that looks, feels and sounds utterly real. If the previous VR games you’ve played let’s you venture, Sky VR allows you to see, venture and explore a journey that is completely beyond imagination!

Resorts World Genting 云顶世界 Dato Edward Holloway 拿督爱德华豪罗威

“At Sky VR, every ride is a journey, and every journey here is amazing.” 

— Dato’ Edward Holloway, Executive Vice President of Leisure and Hospitality at Resorts World Genting.

With the debut of Sky VR on this December, there are five amazing experiences that are ready to be explored; VirtuGlobe, XD Theater, Vortex, RoboCoaster and SkyGlider VR.

VirtuGlobe lets you step into a free-moving VR environment! You will have the liberty to make the experience as intense or as immersive as you want!

▲ VirtuGlobe was used in the USA by the military agencies to train their personnel to operate in any possible environment.

The XD Theater is a multi-sensory media-based simulator ride for the whole family. Sitting up to 32 guests, XD Theater will transport you into a fascinating new worlds—a pirate world brimming with aggressive monsters, for example—where  everyone must work together to fend off attacks and beat bad guys.

Resorts World Genting 云顶世界 Sky VR 虚拟实境

The Vortex is the most idiosyncratic of all! The VR experience that centres on a state-of-the-art motion platform, you will be strapped into a central console with VR laser guns in your hands. It then takes you on a rambunctious rollercoaster ride, fending off an invading gauntlet with ultra-realistic graphics as the platform vibrates and shudders to the on-screen action.

Resorts World Genting 云顶世界 Sky VR 虚拟实境

▲ The Vortex is the first-of-its-kinds to be launched in Asia!

Another title that’s definitely worth your time is the RoboCoaster.  The VR rollercoaster is a ride into an undiscovered robotic realm, filled with amazing structures and curious creatures that can be viewed in full 360°. 

Resorts World Genting 云顶世界 Sky VR 虚拟实境

And the last experience that is readily available this December is the SkyGlider VR. Using a chair strap, the SkyGlider VR transports you into an amazing sensation of gliding on a paraglider while seeing the world from a different perspective!

▲ Not only it is stunning for the eyes, there will be wind machines as well that stimulate the feeling of rushing through the air several hundred metres above the ground!

The Sky VR is located at Level 2 of Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park in Resorts World Genting. Operating from 10am to 10pm daily, Sky VR experiences are on pay-per-ride basis.

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