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The scarf is anti-pekak (deafproof) LOL

Malaysia is definitely a prime example in documenting the rapid rise of modest, modern Muslimah fashion. With modest fashion houses growing like mushrooms everywhere, you’re sure to find the perfect look for every occasion.

Whether you’re going for the hipster look, corporate look, extra modest look, or any outfit ever, Malaysia has got it all!

Recently, dubbed one of Malaysia’s most famous skincare and cosmetic moguls, Dato’ Seri Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman, or “Abang Terlajak Laris” has teamed up with GoHalal, an eMarketplace for the Halal industry to bring out a collection of exclusive satin scarves under the label Aliff By Sha.

Let’s admit it, scarves, hijabs, tudung, whatever you wanna call it, is a HUGE industry in this country.

There are various different styles and materials now. When one particular trend, take bawal crepe for example was in trend, the price spiked so high and you could find it literally everywhere, from the established tudung household brands to those small tudung vendors by the streets in Jalan TAR (Tunku Abdul Rahman).

But, when it went out of trend, I swear it’ll be so cheap, they might as well just give it to you for free. So, every hijab producer out there might wanna think twice before venturing out into one of the most profitable but ruthlessly competitive industries in Malaysia.

Aliff By Sha, the so-called design house by “Abang Terlajak Laris” claimed that their collection of satin scarves comes with a difference. Apparently, each satin scarf design is limited a number of pieces. So basically, if it’s sold out, it’s sold out forever ya’ll!

Plus, the scarves can only be purchased online via the GoHalal website, as part of the collaboration deal with the DNex subsidiary company.

So, if you’re a fan of printed square satin scarves from an array of floral to geometric motives, you might wanna add this RM99 scarf to your tudung collection soon before it runs out!

Oh, did we mention that the scarves are anti-wrinkle, anti-pekak (apparently, many women have complained of donning scarves that make them hard of hearing LOL) and they’ve also won two awards for the scarves; Best Satin Award (Shawl category) and Best Printed Award (Bawal Category) on Anugerah Pesona Hijab Jelita 2017.

In case you’re just like me who haven’t worn a bawal scarf in the longest of times, you might wanna check out Datin Seri Shahida, the wife of Abang Terlajak Laris Instagram page to get a free bawal tudung tutorial.

Or you could just check out any tudung bawal tutorials on YouTube just so that you don’t end up looking like your primary school self. Not that it was a bad thing hewhewhewhew.

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