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This Bar in Sunway Pyramid Had a Camel in it?!

Residents in the greater Subang and Petaling Jaya area have reason to celebrate as The BAR°N has opened up on the Ground Floor of Sunway Pyramid, with its unique ambience while serving up a refreshingly distinct experience for diners with signature offerings which include tapas, flame-grilled delectable and an extensive selection of wine.

Having already established a famously large following with its preceding outlets located in Penang, Mont Kiara, Ara Damansara and Kuala Lumpur, The BAR°N at Sunway Pyramid lends even more credibility to its vicinity’s moniker of being one of the ultimate destinations for food lovers in the Klang Valley.

Indeed, The BAR°N’s unique offering is complemented by its seductive ambience and surroundings which are modern and chic, offering an alluring appeal for diners and discerning social bugs who simply enjoy stunning flavours, unique dishes and tantalising beverages, at reasonable prices.

In keeping with its atypical charm and individuality, The BAR°N Sunway Pyramid was launched in a rather unorthodox manner – by Barny the Camel, a special guest traversing the Pyramids of Egypt before making a stop at the Pyramids of Sunway.

Ms. Candice Lee, one of The BAR°N’s founders, expressed at the launch,

“We’re so glad to formalise the growth of The BAR°N with today’s launch of our outlet right here in Sunway Pyramid.

“Indeed, our success through the years is due in part to the constant support of our guests, who have been our inspiration throughout the years, for which we are truly grateful.

“Today’s launch is a testament of that. But we are more than just another dining venue. We’re about creating that WOW experience and developing a culture which ultimately creates that unique offering to our guests.

“It is our hope that The BAR°N will one day be the natural choice for people when seeking out a place to dine with some good food and drinks, be it for business or pleasure, we created The BAR°N specifically to be a place where anyone can simply chill, hang out or call their own.”

In conjunction with the launch in Sunway Pyramid, The BAR°N has created a special cocktail in celebration of Barny the Camel. Aptly named “The Hump”, this beverage will be served at the Sunway Pyramid outlet for the next month with proceeds going to the A’Famosa Animal Safari Park in Malacca.

Operating every day from 11am to 12am, The BAR°N Sunway Pyramid can be reached for reservation and enquiries at 03 5612 9066 or by contacting Ms. Anna Tatarnikova, The BAR°N’s Restaurant General Manager at [email protected]

Reservations can also be made on The BAR°N website.

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