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This Hotel Offers Special Exercise Courses & Spa Treatments for Overall Wellbeing

Appeasing travellers who are hoping to keep fit on the go, The Middle House has announced a new partnership with SPACE to offer a selection of video workouts that can be completed in-room.

The new workouts complement the existing wellness offerings at the Shanghai House, including urban wellness destination, MI XUN SPA | THE LAB | SHOP.

SPACE is changing the fitness experience with its multi-modality and signature styles of CYCLE, BARRE, YOGA, MOVES and HIIT.

Asia’s leading active lifestyle company operates premium boutique fitness studios throughout China and Taipei, combining fitness and entertainment to create a revolutionary fitness 3.0 model, leveraging music, pop culture and world-class innovative teaching and training methods. 

Their new partnership with The Middle House will offer a tailored thematic live fitness experience that integrates music and entertainment with group fitness.

Each of the workouts has been specifically created by their expert trainers to suit the needs of business and leisure travellers.

Additionally, guests of The Middle House are welcome to enjoy complimentary classes at the SPACE studio, located next door to the hotel.

Matthew Allison, Founder of SPACE said,

“SPACE is excited to bring inspirational classes and teachers to the rooms at The Middle House.

“Our mission is to inspire guests to recharge, refresh and stay active within SAPCE, and we’re delighted to extend this to hep guests find a healthy home away from home.”

The in-room workout menu will consist of a variety of workouts, which each last for just 5-10 minutes, enabling busy guests to easily slot their training around their existing schedule.

The No Equipment Workout uses all-purpose conditioning exercises specifically designed for frequent fliers, who may not have time to adhere to a regular gym routine.

The Travel Refresh uses rejuvenating yoga sequences to refresh guests who have endured a long journey, whilst Rise & Shine Energizer incorporates a series of mindful yoga techniques to energise guests for the day ahead. 

Tummy Toning focuses on building abs, whilst Fat Burner is an intense HIIT session, designed to burn off extra calories.

Michael Faulkner, General Manager of The Middle House, said,

“SPACE is at the cutting edge of the live fitness entertainment industry, and we’re delighted to be working alongside them to offer in-room workouts to our guests, which will complement the existing health and wellbeing programmes at the property.”

The Middle House’s MI XUN SPA | THE LAB | SHOP is an urban wellness destination; a departure from typical hotel fitness offerings MI XUN is the first hotel spa in China to offer the boutique CHA LING treatments, which incorporate traditional Chinese medicine techniques to re-harmonise energy flows and detoxify the skin.


The wellness hub also includes a 33-metre indoor heated pool, 24-hour gym facilities, sauna and steam room.

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