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This Sheep Cafe In Korea Will Make You Go ‘Bah Bah’

Pet cafes are the trendiest hangout spots nowadays. There are lots of dog and cat cafes around Malaysia for a few years now such as corgi cafe, husky cafe, cat cafe and many more.

But have you ever been to a SHEEP cafe?!

Yes! You had heard that right! It’s a cafe filled with live sheep! Just imagine sipping some coffee, eating a slice of cake and petting a sheep at the same time.

According to NextShark, Thanks Nature Café 땡스 네이쳐 카페 or also known as Sheep Café is located at Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.

Here, you can enjoy a piece of banana-strawberry waffles while 2 fluffy sheep keep you company and make sure you are not lonely. Awwww~~

Image via MyFatPocket

This unique cafe is owned by Kwang-Ho Lee who opened the shop in 2011.

Then, the cafe rose to fame after it made it’s appearance in a Korean variety show called ‘We Got Married’. In one of the episodes, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and actress Kang Sora went for a date here.

Image via Gate20

The sheep were kept in a separate pen from the Thanks Nature Café, so you do not have to worry about the sheep running wild or even charging at you.

However, since this is an animal cafe, and animals do have their own distinct smell. So there is a bit of an au naturale odour.

They are still so cute and adorable though…

There are also 2 parts of the cafe; indoor and outdoor sectors.

The indoor part has a very spacious space and lots of greens and earthy colours which will definitely bring a sense of relaxation to you.

The sheep are placed in the indoor part of the cafe.

There are two famous sheep named Honey and Sugar. They are super adorable and unexpectedly love to interact with guests.

You can feed them some straw or give them a light pet. Treat them with love and they would probably return you that affection.

There are variety of food for you to choose from as well.

The all time favourites are Waffles Banana, Blueberry, Espresso, Green Tea, Strawberry, Toast of Honey Bread, Garlic Cheese and also Fresh Fruit Ade.

The prices range from KRW5,000 to KRW12,000 (RM18 to RM44)


Image via NextShark


The easiest way to get to this cafe is take a train to Hongik University Subway Station (Line 2) and come out from the subway at exit 9.

Take a left turn and go to the main gate of the Hongik University. Once you get here, look out for the signage of the café (or llao llao) at the end of the arcade of shops.

If you happen to be around South Korea this few weeks, or you had make plans on going to South Korea for vacation in the near future, be sure to visit this cutie and fluffy cafe!

Image via NextShark


Just check out their Facebook page for more information! 

[Thanks Nature Cafe]
Address: 486 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea (Hongik University Subway Station)
마포구 서교동 486 서교푸르지오상가 B121, Seoul, South Korea 121-842
Tel: +82 2 335 7470
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm (Mon – Sun)
Facebook: http://https://www.facebook.com/TNcafe
Google Maps: Thanks Nature Cafe

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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