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If there is one thing that makes us truly Malaysian, it would be our passion for eating good quality food. Even if that means queueing up for hours. On top of our reputation for tasty foods, many of our foods also ridiculously cheap.

Now, that’s like literally our definition of heaven! 

In case you didn’t know, there is one stall in Bangsar that sells nasi kandar for RM3 a plate only! That sounds almost like a steal!

The stall, known as Anuar Fish Head Curry, has been operating for almost four decades serving premium quality, mouth-watering, hotly served plate of nasi kandar with a variety of lauk to choose from! 

Image via @ayuhtravel

Selling a deeply marinated mamak-style fried chicken at only RM2.50 per piece served with hot rice which costs RM0.50, that gives you a total RM3 worth of a really fulfilling truly Malaysian meal for lunch. Plus, you may also add the thick curry to give a bit of kuah and some lightly stir-fried beansprouts to complement your dish. 

You can also substitute the chicken with a piece of deep fried fish (ikan cencaru) which also costs RM2.50. 

Image via HungryGoWhere

Now, if there is something else that will make you drool non-stop, it’s their deep-fried giant squid and their specialty; Kari Kepala Ikan which can cost from RM20 to RM80 per serving. If there is something worth splurging on and breaking your back for queuing up for hours, its this one folks!

Despite being located in Bangsar which is known for its posh and expensive eateries, this corner stall is unique as it draws hordes of people everyday from close and far for its infamous not-to-be-missed budget lunch deal. 

Now what else are you waiting for? JOM! 

Address: No 2 Lorong Ara Kiri 3, Lucky Garden, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: 9 am – 5 pm (closed on Sundays)

Tel: 016-677 7703

Get more information about them here

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