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Top 5 Collaboration Shoes That You Might Want To Look For In 2020

Next year will be the year of major shoes collaboration!

It was only recent when the news of G-Dragon X Nike collaboration shoes shook the internet. Not only for the reason of it being super exclusive and very limited, the collaboration had also caused major hullabaloo when the shoes got resold online almost 30x pricier than its normal price!

BIGBANG G-Dragon X Nike Collaboration Shoes

▲ Read more here: Limited G-Dragon X Nike Collab Sneakers Got Resold For RM35,000; That’s Almost RM34,000 More Than Its Normal Price!

But you do not need a pair of G-Dragon shoes to be fashion-forward. What you need to do is just keep up with the trend and you’re already in style! From head to toe, fashion trend is constantly growing and in this list, we’ve curated five collaboration shoes that you might want to look for (or maybe grab one yourselves) in 2020!


▲ Read more here: KARD Rocked On Sunway Pyramid at the Launch of New Colourways for ASICS GEL-BND! 

Not everyone has what it takes to be a K-Pop idol, but you can be a step closer to be one with these fresh kicks from ASICS! Having KARD as its ambassador, the four new colorways of GEL-BND that adds up to the initial seven releases, are idiosyncratic enough for you to take the limelight in a crowd.

PUMA Spring/Summer 2020 collection

Closing an exceptional chapter, PUMA is teasing its big release for 2020 in a fashion show at EX8, Subang Jaya recently.

PUMA SS20 Preview Party at EX8 Subang Jaya

Set to be launched as early as January, the PUMA x First Mile’s sustainable collection is a mystery that expects fans to see new collaborations, products and great ambassadors on board. Stay tuned for more info about PUMA Spring/Summer 2020 collection!

adidas X AriZona Iced Tea

What’s better to heat up your kicks with a summer vibe? This collaboration fulfills your dose of summer vibes with fresh twists to fans’ favourites Continental Vulc sneakers and adilette slides inspired by refreshing flavours of AriZona Iced Tea.

Adidas x Arizona Iced Tea Collaboration Collection

▲ Read more here: Starting Off Fresh With New Kicks from adidas X AriZona Iced Tea

Eccentric colourways inspired by classic favourite flavours of tea, the collaborative sneakers and slides will come in four different designs; Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey, Lemon, Mucho Mango and Watermelon.

adidas ‘Now Is Her Time’

Just like how the campaign is named, the new unisex collection by adidas Originals celebrate diversity and individuality whilst stand for women’s rights. A depth of color-ways never seen before, the range includes favourite silhouettes like Solar HU, NMD, BYW and the adilette!

Adidas Now Is Her Time

▲ Read more here: Pharell Williams Supports Women Empowerment With Adidas Originals Campaign “Now Is Her Time”

With these shoes, not only you are on trend but you are helping to promote women empowerment featuring women of different religions, sexuality, identities and most importantly diversity.


This latest ASICS collaboration shoes is literally none like any other! The ASICS X TRANSFORMERS collection features GEL-LYTE™ V and GEL-LYTE™ V GS (KIDS model) that allows you to transform and customize your own sneakers.

▲ Read more here: Don’t Just Wear Your Transformers, Be One with ASICS X TRANSFORMERS Collection

Coming in three models; Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron, the Autobot and Decepticon inspired kicks have a unique ‘3-in-1’ model silhouettes that give you the liberty to ‘transform’ with its detachable character components on both the tongue and back counter.

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