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Transforming Your Feel-Good Home into a Comfort Haven with IKEA

Home is not just a place, it’s an unparalleled feeling. There’s no other place that feels more like home than in the privacy of your own bedroom.

No matter how grandeur and exquisite your stay is during your last holiday trips, nothing beats the feelings of being back in on your bed, wrapped around your favourite blanket and the refreshing sip of water poured from a glass carafe cooled by the night.

IKEA believes that the bedroom is a haven to repair, renew and recover from the pressures of daily life. It’s about creating a safe space ideal for unwinding by choosing products and materials that promise comfort. Here are three essential tips to creating your very own sanctuary exclusively with items from IKEA.

A good deep slumber starts with the right bed

One size fits all, they said. Well, this is a bad example when choosing mattresses because choosing this will lead to a bad and relentless rest. So, when deciding which mattress to sleep in, temperature, sleeping position, materials, physical build and your sleep behaviour must be considered in order to achieve that desired soundly sleep. Compare the different types of mattresses first and test out one which answers to your soma.

IKEA tip! Topping your mattress with mattress pad and/or a mattress protector is a brilliant addition for an extra layer of comfort and extra protection to your mattress from dust, dirt and stains. The KNAPSTAD mattress pad, made of memory foam, moulds perfectly to your body while provides high pressure-relieving capacity enabling you to relax more fully. To top that all off, it comes with a top later of gel that gives you a cooler sleeping surface.


Opt for that clutter-free and minimalist aesthetic for a better good night’s sleep.

Tidy everything away and keep your bedroom clear. This is the bible of a promising comfort sanctuary. Having too much stuff lying around will only create distractions! If they are too precious to be thrown out or donated, you’re going to need some decent storage to put them out of sight.

IKEA tip! MALM bedroom series have secret spacious storage compartments that don’t take up additional space in the room. For smaller items, portable storage option like the TÄNKVÄRD basket with handles gives you the freedom of moving to different rooms for different needs, whenever and wherever you need them.


Pick the comfiest and coziest materials

Being at home and relaxed has strong connections to the tactile feeling of the things around us. Soft, pure linen and cotton; it’s what you want close to your skin as you dream and wake. From soft bed linens, bedroom curtains that keep the light out, to quilts and pillows that fit your sleeping preferences, are essential for a good sleep.

For more sleep inspiration and tips on how to improve your sleeping sanctuary, visit


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