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Whether you’re searching for travel inspiration or looking to experience the region’s wonders from the comfort of your own screen, you need to check out the GOASEAN channel on tonton!

Showcasing the best of Southeast Asia from travel to food and lifestyle, you’re sure to find a GOASEAN Original Series for you!

If you’re not already, here are 5 reasons why you need to start watching GOASEAN:

1. Awesome Destinations

Image source: GOASEAN

From towering buildings in Malaysia to active volcanoes in Indonesia and breath-taking islands in the Philippines, GOASEAN features all 10 ASEAN countries and has been to over 700 destinations to produce their 20 Original Series.

Not to mention, GOASEAN has an impressive roster of gorgeous hosts including, Nadiyah Shahab, Rovilson Fernandez, Juanita Rumaya and Qi Rizali!


2. Top-notch Travel Tips

Image source: GOASEAN

Looking for travel tips? GOASEAN Original Series are full of them!

Whether you’re trying to plan an eco-friendly vacation or just want to figure out the best way to pack a day bag, shows like ‘The Eco Traveller’ and ‘Go Travel’ are jam-packed with bits of information to help ease your next adventure!


3.Gorgeous Destination Weddings

Image source: GOASEAN

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? Showcasing the best wedding destinations in the region, GOASEAN has not one, but two wedding related original series!

Looking for venue inspiration? Let industry experts guide you through a spectacular special day and an indulgent romantic couple’s getaway on ‘Wedding and Honeymoon Destinations’.

If you’re a hopeless romantic, ‘Paradise Weddings’ features couples on their wedding day as they make their dreams come true with friends and family by their side.


4.The Halal Foodie

Image source: GOASEAN

Malaysia’s biggest comedian (in size!), Papi Zak is on a mission to find the best halal dishes across Southeast Asia!

Join Papi on an exciting journey to discover a multitude of mouth-watering halal dishes and fun Muslim-friendly attractions.

Papi shows you where to try local food made ‘halal’, from spicy mouth-tingling street delicacies in Bangkok, to indulgent gourmet French cuisine in Kuala Lumpur. Uncover a world of amazing dishes beyond your usual halal fare!


5.Watch GOASEAN Anytime, Anywhere

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You can connect with GOASEAN on social media; follow @goaseantv on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and @goasean on Instagram and Weibo for exclusive videos and updates.

Go to for more information.

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