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There is a reason why everyone can’t live without it. There is a reason why everyone can’t live without it. 

As Malaysians we love (read: live) to eat. And in conjunction with the hype around the nasi lemak dress donned by our Miss Universe Malaysia the other day, we decided that we WON’T talk about the dress but the topic of nasi lemak.

Just the humble nasi lemak itself. Period. 

Image via Time Out

Let’s face it, we LOOOVEEE our nasi lemak. Some of us literally can’t start our day without this rich, flavourful and sometimes sleep-inducing dish. LOL.

What’s awesome about this traditional breakfast dish is that wherever we are; whether we are by the roadside, R&R, petrol station, or even fancy dining places, we leap whenever we hear that nasi lemak is sold there. And we buy them at whatever cost. 

Here, we have listed down 5 different types of nasi lemak person you are. Tell us which one are you!

1. The one that likes it wrapped in banana leaves

Image via Jelajah Maya

Some of us love our nasi lemak in its basic, most traditional form; wrapped in banana leaves. The aroma of the fresh banana leaves which is imbued into the pandan-fused hot rice, makes this kind of nasi lemak one that we would end up buying more than one.

Even if they give us very little sambal, we wouldn’t mind it. You may wanna check out the famous Ali Nasi Lemak (Georgetown, Penang) for an unforgettable nasi lemak daun pisang experience! 


2. The one who takes more sambal than nasi 

Sambal lebih, kak! 

Image via Twitter @imraimy

Now, those of you reading might be shocked to know that there’s actually quite a huge number of your family and friends who are guilty of this spicy habit. Some of us like having a phenomenon called “sambal banjir” or anything banjir on our plate.

Perhaps, for some of us, nasi lemak should be called nasi sambal instead. But, this is the thing, some of us would finish the sambal while some of us would just leave them unfinished. Now, that’s not good.


3. The ones who hate the crunch

No peanuts or ikan bilis please…

Image via CARI Infonet

Yep, little did you know this species DOES exist.

Hating anything salty and crunchy, these guys would do anything to opt having either of these two on their plate of nasi lemak; either they’ll say no to them while the nasi lemak is being prepared or end up scooping them to their friends’ plates (those friends who pretty much eat everything and anything) after they’re done with their morning must-have.


4. The one who takes more than 1 lauk


Image via hungrygowhere.my

Basically, this lot does not do the basic nasi lemak. They go extra with their nasi lemak, usually having more than one lauk together on their plate.

While the basic sambal is a must, the lauk can either be paru (cow’s lungs) sambal, sotong (squid) sambal, ayam sambal, or kerang (cockles) sambal (though this is now like super rare and super expensive too!).

Though the nasi lemak can either be interpreted as an energy booster or a sleep inducer, if you’re this type of nasi lemak person, there’s no way you can stay awake through that 10am meeting.

NO FREAKING WAY! Might wanna think about spending some time in the gym too after that.


5. The one who has it for dinner instead of breakfast 

Sleeping after makan is not a problem, lah!

Image via Dutch Pinay Travels

Some of us just don’t like having this traditionally Malaysian breakfast staple in the morning, we prefer it at night instead. Yes, at night.

Perhaps, some people find this infamous sleep inducer best to be had for dinner as it is more fulfilling and a rich dish to wrap up the day. Nowadays, there are plenty of places where you can get nasi lemak at night, whether cheap ones in night markets or not-very-affordable ones in fancy restaurants. 

Besides, consuming this at night also mean you may go straight to bed once your eyes starting to get all droopy. We think it’s the rice. It might be the rice folks! What do you think?

6. The one who MUST have it with teh tarik!

 Life can be incomplete without bubbly, frothy cup of milk tea.

Image via Flickr

Now, for many of us, the nasi lemak experience is simply INCOMPLETE without our beloved all-time favourite drink; TEH TARIK!

Yes, for many of us this Malaysian milk tea is the perfect energy booster to complement the rich, sleep-inducing nasi lemak. The frothy hot creamy drink is the sensation that we’re looking for once the nasi lemak is wiped clean from our plates.

Teh tarik satu bang!


7. The one who prefers telur mata over boiled eggs

Melt-in-the-mouth. Yum!

Image via Twitter @khairunnaim5

Nothing beats the yumminess that oozes out of the creamy hot egg yolk and the crispy fried edges of the egg white.

Eaten with hot rice and equally spicy sambal, alongside the crackling anchovies and crunchy peanuts, as well as the fresh cucumbers, nothing can go wrong in your day once you’ve had this as your breakfast-to-go!

Only thinking about this has made us salivating!


There are all type of nasi lemak lovers our there and even haters (haters gonna hate). Some people love theirs in a certain way. Of course, we still can’t get over how anyone could have made this local dish into an actual dress though!

And here is the picture of the nasi lemak dress ICYMI (in case you missed it). Yay or nay?


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