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Would You Buy a Pair of RM1,500 Dish-Washing Gloves from Calvin Klein?

Either fashion designers have run out of creativity or the new level of creativity is to copy everyday items.

We’ve had a fair share of expensive designer clothes inspired by the items we wear, see or use on a daily basis. However, the price of those labelled stuffs cost about 10 times more than the ones we often use.

For example, there’s the sarong-inspired skirt from Zara which will set you back by RM380 or the handbag which looks like a nasi lemak bungkus from Hermès.

Source: Coconuts

Well, how about this dish-washing gloves from Calvin Klein which costs RM1,500? Any takers?

Indeed, for the same amount of money, we could purchase a pretty good smartphone, pay back a chunk of our PTPTN loan or even pay for two to three months’ worth of rent.

But why not buy this overpriced rubber gloves instead to give a variety to your outfit choices.

Source: Says

According to Says, the full-length gloves are made of 100% synthetic rubber in a rose pink hue for that kitchen-cleaner style. But to make it more atas, there’s a white motif that spells out ‘CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC’ on the cuffs.

If you’re interested in purchasing these gloves, you can get a pair at USD390 (RM1,500) or you can always opt for the RM5 ones in Daiso or supermarkets near you. Of course, the cheaper one got no ‘CALVIN KLEIN’ embossed in it, lah.

Source: Mbuyy


I mean, who can really tell the difference anyways?

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