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Would You Spend RM1,000 for an Ice Cream Cake?

We are no strangers when it comes to ice cream cake, be it on a special occasion like a wedding, or a birthday party. They take us back to place of nostalgia and childhood innocence where all we wanted was MORE CAKE.

So if you are a fan of ice cream cake or ice cream in general, the rest of this article is probably going to blow your mind ‘cause we’re going to reveal the ultimate ice cream cake crafted by our own Malaysian chefs!

The Gateâu De L’horloge, dubbed as the clock ice cream cake, is one of the seven creations that clinched the silver medal in the most prestigious international confectionery arts competition that was held in France, the Mondial des Arts Sucres.

Chef Yap Kean Chuan, a Pastry Chef from the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia and Chef Lau Hwei Min from Harod’s Academy made a name for Malaysia in the global gastronomy scene beating other renowned countries like Taiwan, Japan, and not to forget our long-time rival and neighbour, Singapore!

But here comes the best part:

We Malaysians now have the chance to indulge this luscious Gateâu De L’horloge!

Competition pieces are almost never made available to the public because of the intricacy and time taken to produce them. Your best bet would to go to a very atas hotel and even then it’d be highly unlikely.

“Conjured by the Academy of Pastry Arts, the sumptuous Gâteau De L’horloge is a magical coalescence between French techniques and fragrant Asian tropical fruits.

“The unconventional flavours of the Gâteau De L’horloge will unfold on your palate layer by layer, making time stand still.”

Adorned with an extravagant amount of gold leaves and a hand carved chocolate clock-face, this one-of-a-kind ice cream cake is so intricately crafted that it’d be impossible to find it anywhere else.

Underneath its neutral glaze lies a velvety vanilla yogurt ice-cream, a spiral of tangy yuzu and mango sorbet, strawberry coulis and a base of crunchy streusel.

Can you imagine all the different flavours all at once? It’s both mind blowing and brain freezing.

So start saving up!

The cake is officially priced at RM1,000 for 10 pieces and is available exclusively from now until the 31st of October 2018.

Reservations must be made one week in advance through the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia at +603 7960 3846.

Written by Gordon Lau

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