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11 Of The Weirdest Fashion Moments Of 2018

You’d think you’ve seen it all in fashion in the year 2016 or 2017. People are certainly getting more creative in inventing fashion items that seem to be ‘avantgarde’ and, well, outlandish.

Then 2018 swoops right in to take you by surprise.

I mean, I’m sure you couldn’t predict most of the ‘unique’ fashion trends that you’ve seen this year. Some are cool and fabulous, some others are just plain weird.

Oh, you don’t know which ones? Let’s do a visual recap, shall we?

1. A tiny belt-bag… but for the ankle

Credit: @kendalljenner Instagram

Kendall Jenner shared this picture via her Instagram Story. She deemed this oh-so-trendy.

2. Extra-large sunglasses

Foto: Chesnot/WireImage)

Erm… wasn’t it Kanye who said to wear tiny sunglasses?

3. Bike shorts… but as pants

Foto: Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian also gave her approval for this trend where people wear cycling tights while out and about.

4. Wearing a veil, but not to your wedding

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A post shared by halsey (@iamhalsey) on

It’s not the 90s, but 2018. Still, Halsey, Rita Ora and Bella Hadid had all jumped on the bandwagon to make this hip again. 

5. Racing attire as daily fashion

You don’t have to know how to race to wear a racing uniform. But why?

6. Puffer prom dress


A coat isn’t the only thing that can been ‘pufferised’. There are also puffer bags, puffer skirts and most recently puffer coat-slash-ball gowns by Moncler.

7. Celebrities appearing grand in pink

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Perhaps since everything is about Girl Power these days, the colour pink has been highlighted a lot on the red carpet. Some celebs who have made appearances in this shade (in large puffy outfits too, mind you) include Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Kendall and J.Lo.

8. Popcorn Sweater?

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Yes, that’s what it’s called, and no, it’s not made out of real popcorn. So no, it’s not edible.

9. Justin Bieber and hotel slippers

It’s normal to take home the slippers that you get for free with your hotel stay. It’s not normal to wear them in public. Meh, Justin has always been an oddball anyway.

10. Stiletto Crocs

But, but, but… is it comfy? And most importantly, is it cute?

11. Flip flop socks

Nope. As clever as this may seem, they just… don’t look awesome.

So which one do you think is the weirdest?

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