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2018’s Most Creative & Unique Celebrity Makeup Looks To Draw Inspiration From

Gone are the days of dramatic smoky eyes and bold red lipstick on the red carpet where celebrities showcase not only their flair in fashion but also their makeup looks.

This year, the makeup trends have evolved into something more colourful and daring, and it’s certainly something we should welcome.

Admittedly there’s nothing wrong with going for something more classic, but you can also be adventurous once in a while.

And the inspiration for it mostly comes from Western celebrities like Rihanna and Bella Hadid who dared to try employing unconventional looks when they’re out and about.

Coloured eyeliners, bold lipsticks, vibrant eye shadow – these are some of the latest makeup trends that you need to try out and you don’t need a pro makeup artist for it.

For inspiration, let’s check out these celebrities and their visually stunning makeup looks of 2018.

Alison Brie: Glossy gold shadow

Foto: Instagram Mai Quynh

Makeup artist Mai Quynh gave this actress an “opulent” look.

Bella Hadid: Smokey winged liner

Foto: Instagram Hung Vanngo

Here’s an elaborate version of the winged liner. It’s more of a blend of smoky eyes and cat eyes. Makeup artist Hung Vanngo buffed black shadow onto the outer corners of her lids to give the sharp winged look a smokier effect. 

Rowan Blanchard: Blended colours

Foto: Getty Images

The highlight is her eyeshadow hues where blue transitioned into purple.

Kiki Layne: Maroon monochrome

Foto: Kilprity

Makeup artist Keita Moore used different burgundy hues on her lips, eyes, and cheeks, but kept everything else pretty neutral.

Lily Collins: Sliced liner

Foto: Getty Images

This is a fun new way to wear the winged liner style. To pull it off, makeup artist Fiona Stiles had sliced through the actress’ wings with a cotton swab damped with moisturiser, and to sharpen the edges. PS: Makeup remover might be too wet.

Tracee Ellis Ross: Matching neon mattes

Foto: Instagram Matin

Use the same shade for your lips and the corner of your eyes to create a graphic eye effect.

Emma Stone: Glitter shadow

Foto: Instagram Rachel Goodwin

This smoky eye effect created by makeup artist Rachel Goodwin was made even more powerful with glitter along the lid, as well as the inner and lower lids.

Halsey: Purple under eyes

Foto: Getty Images

Instead of on the lid, line the part under your eyes with eyeshadow. To top it all off, put on some lush falsies.

Lucy Hale: Emerald eyes

Foto: Getty Images

Makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan first applied cream eyeshadow all over the lid, crease and under the lower lash line as base. She then applied the top emerald green color to the center of the lid and inner corners of the eyes for a pop of metallic to catch the light.

Foto: Getty Images

Makeup artist Fiona Stiles found these precious stars with inlaid pearls. She also used smoky purple Swarovski crystals in a few sizes and stuck them around the stars and into the eye shadow so they would create a little galaxy round the actress’ eyes.

If you’re going for this look, make sure your lips and cheeks’ colours don’t overshadow the embellishments.

Emma Rossum: Red wings

Foto: Getty Images

Wings don’t have to come in black. For a unique look, try other shades of eye liner so to make your eyes pop.

Lily Collins: Icy Blue Retro Eyes

Foto: Pascal le Segretain

Makeup artist Vincent Oquendo used pale turquoise shade for the lids. Lily’s waterline was brightened with a white pencil, and her eyes were further enhanced with mascara on both the top and bottom.

Foto: Getty Images

Smoky eyes can be a bright and striking colour! 

Rihanna: Neon pink

Foto: Getty Images

Makeup artist Priscilla Ono covered RiRi’s lashes in a bright shade of pink while the hues on her cheeks and lips match but with softer variations.

Foto: Getty Images

Makeup artist Mai Quynh used a cobalt blue mascara after giving the actress’ lids pink cut creases and a soft blue shadow.

Camila Cabello: Double flicks

Foto: Getty Images

Why stop at just one flick? To further amplify a bold black lined eyes, add another wing to your cat eyes.

Margot Robbie: White-lined eyes

Foto: Getty Images

Why not try white eyeliner instead of the classic black? Keep the rest of your makeup light, glow-y and fresh with soft hues to match.

Foto: Getty Images

Makeup artist Sergio Lopez-Rivera brushed a rosy pink eye shadow along the outer corners of her eyes and blended it with a shimmery rose gold hue. The same rose gold shade helped brighten up the actress’ cheekbones, too.

Emily Ratajkowski: Hot Pink Winged Shadow

Foto: Getty Images

Add some colour to your black ensemble with bright-coloured eye shadow. Better yet, sweep it upwards to create a winged shape.

Amber Heard: Crystal Liner

Foto: Getty Images

Do you see it? This actress wore a classic look (cat eyes and red lipstick) but gave it a modern twist by adding a piece of crystal in the middle of each of her lower lash lines.

Source: Allure

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