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5 Fashion Trends That You Can Expect To See Shaping Up In 2019

If you are the type to follow the trends in fashion, well, you may want to pay attention.

Recently Pinterest shared its top 5 fashion Pins, which gave some insights into what type of trends are expected to go big next year.

Undoubtedly some of these styles have already been introduced before this, but perhaps in 2019, it will be more widely accepted.

It’s never too early to think about what might be considered hip and cool in style. So let’s see what type of fashion statement we shall see spring up in the upcoming months.

1. “Popcorn” cardigan

Photo: Target

No, it doesn’t incorporate actual popcorn in its material. The name actually came from the its stitches, which usually resemble the movie-watching snack. 

The sweater style has already started to appear in clothing stores and according to Pinterest, Pins featuring it have recently increased by 1,395%. So you can expect to see it booming even more next year.

2. Sequined jumpsuit

Photo: Urban Outfitters

The practical style itself presents a retro look but the sparkly touch totally gives off a party vibe. This is expected to be the go-to party look for chic women of modern times. 

Pinterest data shows that searches for this particular style  have increased by 280%. You also can already see online retailers selling varied versions of the style.

3. Silk and satin top

Photo: Macy’s

This classy style was really trendy in the early 2000s. There’s good news for its fans as it will most likely make a return next year. Pinterest searches for the tops have increased by 231%.

It commonly comes in the form of camisoles, and made from expensive, high-quality material. It will give you comfort as well as a great look.

4. Knit pleated skirt

Photo: Derek Lam

It seems that fashion in 2019 emphasises more on the balance of style and comfort, and pleated knit skirts are the embodiment of that.

Since it is versatile, the skirts can be worn for both work and casual outings. Plus, the mini and midi length options offer a variety to wearers.

Pinterest searches for this particular style have increased by 75% so far, and it is expected to grow even more.

5. Faux-leather earrings

Photo: Amazon

Fashion trends can also come in the form of accessories. The style that is (still) gaining popularity is the faux-leather earrings, whose searches have increased by 2,831% on Pinterest.

In the past few years, many celebs and consumers have shown support for eco-friendly fashion, and various designers have even stopped using animal products entirely.

One of said celebrities is Meghan Markle, who often includes eco-friendly brands into her style. This led to the increase of interest on brands that she supports.

Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth/Pool/Getty Images

Source: Insider

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