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Shopping Has Never Been Easier and More Cost Saving Thanks to CJ WOW SHOP

Home shopping is pretty new in Malaysia and CJ WOW SHOP is the amazing team who brought this new way of shopping to us.

Now, they are celebrating their 2nd year anniversary and promises to bring more fantastic deals to us all.

Since its launch in 2016, CJ WOW SHOP has expanded its offerings from 27 to more than 450 items. Customers are literally spoilt for choice. It doesn’t stop there either because this home shopping service plans to expand the number of products to an endless variety.

Source: Jelita

From household products,  electrical products, gadgets to even stuff like beauty and fashion products, customers can definitely purchase all sorts of quality stuffs at better prices than at retail stores.

To make the celebration more exciting, CJ WOW SHOP has appointed multi-talented, award-winning celebrity Yana Samsudin as the anniversary ambassador.

When she first joined as a celebrity guest host, ratings shot through the roof thanks to Yana and now she has joined on the show as a permanent host.

This year’s special and limited edition the WOW bag is designed by the host herself.

During CJ WOW SHOP’s birthday celebration, Yana expressed her happiness with how things are so far.

She said,

“It’s been 7 months. Wow. Even I buy stuffs from CJ WOW SHOP too because I believe the items help make things easier around the house.

“I’m also very thankful to become the host.”

To commemorate the special day, CJ WOW SHOP will be having a 10-hour back-to-back live show on April 1st across all major channels.

It is only on THIS date where all of us at home will get the chance a special 5% discount on all products featured during the duration.

In addition, everyone will be getting an additional 5% WOW points for the whole of April!

For every purchase made in the month, buyers will be receiving the exclusive free gift which is the WOW Bag (while stocks last lah…).


Here’s the schedule for the special live show on April 1st, 2018:

Channel   Time
8TV : 8am to 9am
TV9 : 9am t0 1pm
  : 1.30pm to 6pm


So, remember to take advantage of this special day and month for better deals and more savings with CJ WOW SHOP.

Don’t forget to check out CJ WOW SHOP’s website for more details and remember to download the app on iOS or Android too.

Happy shopping!


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