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9 ‘Healthy Foods’ That Are Actually Junk Food In Disguise

If you want to be healthy, you’d naturally stay away from junk food.

But did you know that there are some foods that people consider healthy, but they are actually terrible for your health?

Generally it may look nutritious but the ingredients prove otherwise, and not many people are aware of this misconception.

Read below to know the truth and save yourself from wasting away your efforts in keeping fit.

1. Smoothie

When you make your own smoothie at home, you know what goes in it. Wanting to be healthy, of course you’ll choose the freshest ingredients, right? 

If you buy one from a juice bar, however, most likely your drink is full of added sugars and artificial sweeteners. It totally defeats the purpose of drinking a healthy beverage. 

2. Vegetable Oil

No matter if it’s made from seeds or vegetable, this type of oil is actually not good for you. Admittedly there are studies that show some of them will help lower your cholesterol.

Yes, that is true, but other studies on the other hand prove that they can increase your developing heart disease and cancer.

A healthier option is olive or coconut oil.

3. Protein bars

Credit: Eat This, Not That!

No time for breakfast? Eat a protein bar instead. There are some high quality ones that are good for you, and most of them actually have a higher amount of protein.

However, most protein bars also contains plenty of sugar, trans fat and fructose. Sadly they have a negative impact on your health. It’s definitely better to make some time for a proper breakfast, such as a couple of eggs.

4. Sports drink

You’d think they’re healthy because of the electrolyte and sugar content that will replace the ones in your body after an intense workout.

However, know that salts are also included in it. If you don’t exercise hard enough to replace the electrolytes, you will just fill your body with even more salt and sugar.

Instead of going for these well-marketed sports drinks, opt for water, which works just fine. It’s better too!


5. Margarine

This sneaky little thing has been deemed a healthy alternative to butter. Butter does include saturated fats, but margarine contains a high amount of vegetable oils and questionable chemicals that could result in some harmful things to your body. If you’re still adamant about using margarine, use it sparingly.

6. Frozen meals

Credit: The Daily Meal

Too busy or lazy to cook? There’s always the frozen option where you can whip up in no time. They may often include healthy ingredients, but in reality, frozen meals are processed and then sodium and preservatives are added.

If you don’t have the time or motivation to cook, there’s always delivery. Or just head out to the nearest restaurant.

7. Dried fruit

Many people believe that dried fruit should have the same nutritional value as the real deal. They should know that the drying process usually causes the loss of quite a few of the nutrients.

Besides, most dried fruit were added with plenty of sugar and this will nearly double the calorie content and increase your sugar intake.

8. Fast food salad

Credit: The Daily Meal

Your companion feels like having fast food but you want to eat healthy. So you order the salad at the joint, thinking that it’s the healthiest thing they have. 

Sadly not all salad is nutritious. Firstly, most fast food restaurants use low quality iceberg lettuce that has no nutritional value. Then to make it tasty, it is topped with a copious amount of salad dressings that are full of sugar, fat and additional calories.

Healthy, you say? Certainly not.

9. Fruit juices

Lots of people believe that the amount of nutrition in fruit juices that they buy at the store is the same as that of fresh fruit.

Unfortunately most commercially made fruit juices contain very little juice. The rest are a blend of sugar, chemicals, flavourants and water.

If you want the real deal, try making it yourself.

Source: Dailyentertainment

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