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Hiburan Wed, 16 Oct 2019
Trending Tue, 15 Oct 2019

Depression Unfortunately Isn’t As Foreign in the K-Pop Industry

Dark side of K-Pop industry with daily weigh-ins, dating bans and cosmetic surgery

Trending Fri, 6 Sep 2019

So What’s Gonna Happen to f(x) Now?

One by one, the Queens are leaving. So what should we expect from members of f(x) now?

Hiburan Sat, 2 Jun 2018

Here’s a Full List of Every Dating Scandal G-Dragon Has Ever Had

There are quite a few ladies on this list.

Hiburan Wed, 18 Apr 2018

Sulli is Back with a Brand New Reality Show!

Sulli has been quiet for a while so this upcoming appearance is something to look forward to.

Hiburan Wed, 4 Apr 2018

These 10 Celebrities and Their Cats Will Make You Wish You were Their Pet

Did you even know that some of these celebrities love kitty cats this much?

Hiburan Wed, 14 Mar 2018

These 15 Dogs are the Luckiest Animals on Earth because They Belong to Celebrities

These dogs get treated with so much care. They get to be hugged, kissed and loved by these celebrities too!

Hiburan Thu, 8 Mar 2018

f(x)’s Amber Liu: “I’ll Be Nice When I Can But…”

Seems like f(x)’s Amber has got something to say to the haters.

Hiburan Tue, 23 Jan 2018


Krystal Jung talks about the possibility of leaving f(x) and being labeled as idol-actress.

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