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Hiburan Tue, 7 Jan 2020

It’s The End For X1; All Agencies Agree On Disbandment

They started as the most anticipated rookie group of the year, but they met the end only after 5 months of debut.

Hiburan Tue, 7 Jan 2020

South Korean Heart-Throb Jo Jung Suk And Singer Gummy To Be Expecting Their First Child

Looking at his/her parents, the baby will definitely be a very adorable one.

Hiburan Mon, 6 Jan 2020
Hiburan Mon, 6 Jan 2020

“I Should Get Married To Mark”, EXO’s Kai Confesses His Love For NCT’s Mark

It’s not that serious people! He’s just showing his support for his junior!

Hiburan Thu, 2 Jan 2020
Hiburan Mon, 30 Dec 2019

TVXQ Changmin Is Taken, SM Entertainment Confirms

Love is in the air and we are happy for Changmin.

Hiburan Fri, 27 Dec 2019

Fellow Labelmate, Eunhyuk Of Super Junior Speaks Out About Red Velvet Wendy’s Tragedy

Being an idol, this might be their own and only way to voice out their opinion.

Hiburan Thu, 26 Dec 2019

Naim Daniel Accused Of Chasing Clout Using BLACKPINK Rosé’s Picture

Maybe he was just being a fanboy trying to show his support for his idol, but maybe BLINKS took it too far?

Hiburan Thu, 26 Dec 2019

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