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Trending Thu, 5 Dec 2019

After Reading This, You Might Want To Consider Cleaning Your Brushes!

Just because they don’t look dirty, it doesn’t mean they are clean either!

Trending Tue, 26 Nov 2019

Japan Invented A New Way Of Staying Flawless; That Is By Spraying On A New “Skin”

Japan taking beauty to another whole level, none ever thought of doing.

Trending Tue, 26 Nov 2019

“I Pride Myself On Quality” But “Hairs” Were Found in The Conspiracy Palette, Allegedly

So, how does this muti-millionaire beauty vlogger react when allegations of defected products went viral on Twitter?

Trending Tue, 19 Nov 2019

Jaclyn Hill’s New Holiday Collection Accused of “Copying” Fenty Beauty

So does this mean that Fenty Beauty owns the octagonal shape?

Filem Tue, 30 Apr 2019

Get It Beauty On The Road Season 2 to Highlight Hari Raya Beauty Tips & Tricks

It’s all about looking flawless for the upcoming holidays!

LIFESTYLE Mon, 21 May 2018

People are Crazy in Love with Meghan Markle’s Elegant Yet Simple Make Up

Plus, now that she’s royalty, she really gives off a special kind of radiance.

LIFESTYLE Mon, 26 Mar 2018

Song Hye Kyo Leaves Laneige for Sulwhasoo

The famous actress is no longer the brand ambassador for Laneige!

Trending Sun, 11 Mar 2018

Top 8 Craziest Things Malaysian Kids Used to Do When Our Parents Weren’t Home

When our parents are not at home, we kids rule the house!

Oh Lawa Wed, 7 Mar 2018

Ketahui Teknik Lukisan Eyeliner Mana Yang Paling Sesuai Untuk Bentuk Mata Anda

Pemakaian eyeliner memang menjimatkan masa dan senang, tapi lagi cantik kalau dipakai dengan betul.