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Getting sick of lining up for a long queue just to check in for your flight? Check-in counters have always been a hassle for passengers as it usually takes ages just to get all our documents verified.

And for some passengers who are rushing to get onto their flight, check-in counters are the biggest enemies.

This time, Air Asia came to the rescue by launching a special check-in process which uses facial recognition!

Air Asia named the system FACES which stands for Fast Airport Clearance Experience System.

This high end technology is not available at all airports in Malaysia YET as it is currently only available for passengers who are boarding Air Asia flights at the Senai International Airport in Johor Bahru.

For all passengers outside of Senai International Airport, don’t worry as Air Asia will definitely bring the system to the airport near you soon.

According to Air Asia group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, he explains the main purpose for FACES by saying:

“FACES is to make the on-ground experience more seamless and less stressful by using cutting edge bio-metric technology to authenticate guests. 

“With FACES your face is your passport, making it a breeze to clear the gate and board your flight.

Image via SoyaCincau BM

“We hope the success of FACES here will serve as an inspiration and we are keen to work with other airports in Malaysia to revolutionize the way people travel with this technology and make flying enjoyable again,” 

To use the FACES check-in kiosk, passengers just need to place your MyKad or chip-enabled passport in the document reader and look at the camera to create their bio-metric token. Then, TA-DA! You are all done! 

This new service is only available for passengers who are aged 18 and above and the enrolment is a one-time process. You can use the Air Asia’s bio-metric gates for all flights as long as your identity documents are valid.

Image via SAYS

It’s very important to check the validity of all your documents before your flight! This is because with expired documents, you will need to update the enrolment record with a new valid document.

For more information on how to use FACES system, you can check out Air Asia official brochure below:

Image via SAYS

Huge thumbs up to Air Asia for inventing this system. We, as passengers are liking this new FACES system! Can’t wait to use it when this system reaches KLIA and KLIA 2 airports.

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