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Did You Know Petaling Jaya Has the Largest eSports Club in Southeast Asia?

Equipped with high-end hardware and software, Battle Arena is the place to hone your gaming skills.

On the fifth floor of Jaya Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya, lies a state-of-the-art gaming hub with computers and display screens for people to compete in a virtual gaming environment.

The futuristic design with sleek metallic frames spread through from top to bottom, cool dark colours with special gaming lightings, and wide projector screens to broadcast games. A large centre stage dominates the area.

Battle Arena Malaysia, a new eSports hub, began its operation this February, offering the highest level specification computers in the market for a lag-free gaming experience. Its chief executive officer and founder Alvin Lee says he set up the arena to encourage more Malaysians to take up eSports as a professional career.

“Parents, mine included, used to scold their children for playing computer games as there was no way to earn money. But that is all in the past.

“Today, with access to the Internet, game developers have also created the eSports industry. There is a career in playing games.”


Battle Arena aims to provide a supportive environment where aspiring gamers can hone their skills and kickstart a fruitful career in eSports.

“If someone is not good enough to become a competitive player, he or she can choose to be a commentator, coach, streamer or an event organiser of competitions, or a league,” says Lee. “In promoting the growth and recognition of eSports culture in Malaysia, this is where Battle Arena comes in. We want to change mindsets and create awareness about eSports and the possibilities of legitimate career paths in this industry.”



Initially to be launched in both Malaysia and Singapore, Lee decided to set up the facility in Malaysia first because of high costs in Singapore. Boasting an area of 1,579 square metres, Battle Arena has a large viewing area which can seat approximately 100 people and contain 200 standing.

Battle Arena can accommodate up to 500 people at a time.
However, the arena itself is able to cater for 500 people.

There’s also a professional broadcaster section which can be used as a commentator’s desk or a shoutcasting desk. A 65-inch touchscreen TV is available in the area to display game feed.

Battle Arena’s 10 tournament computers come equipped with the world’s first 165hz refresh rate monitors with screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 and IPS wide angle view, to give customers an immersive gaming experience.

Eight Battle Rooms are available with five PCs per room for those who wish to play in a group privately. The Open Battlegrounds on the second floor are intended for casual gamers or large groups. This area is perfect for clan or guild raids and missions.

Battle Arena has 10 exclusive single-user pods for the ultimate streaming experience. Each pod is equipped with a high specification desktop PC, dual-monitors, gaming peripherals and the highest-end streaming equipment.

The arena has two premium pods for competitive teams looking for a place to train. Alternatively, these two special rooms may be used as coaching rooms or sharing sessions.

Need to stretch or rest for a while? No worries, as ample beanbags have been placed at the Cozy Area inside the arena.

The usage rate per hour for a PC is as low as RM5, and RM7 for higher specs.


Source: NST

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