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Chinese New Year is fast approaching and sure we’ve been rather busy to get everything together. From massive spring cleaning sessions to preparing all the cookies, there’s definitely lots to do.

Out of all the chores we have to do, shopping is probably the most troublesome one of all as we’re forced to leave the house.

Not to mention, holiday seasons would mean more traffic jam into parking lots, and then ‘human traffic jam’ inside the malls themselves. It gets pretty annoying too when we have to queue for a long time just to pay for the items we want to buy.

So, for this CNY, why not opt for CJ WOW Shop for your shopping needs instead? From fashionable clothes to nifty kitchenware, there is no need to leave the comfort of your home just to purchase some things.

You can easily do so on the online store here, download the app into your phone, or even turn on your television to check out special deals on air.

The on-air deals are so amazing that a two thousand ringgit item can go as low as just RM300! That’s almost 90% off!

Best of all, there is array of selection in this digital store where you can give your house a fresh look by snatching some pretty home decors, stock up on the latest fashion, or be in-trend with the newest technology.

Ultimately, you absolutely don’t need to leave your doorstep to get brand new things this CNY.

Go to CJ WOW Shop now and start shopping away!

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TECH Mon, 12 Nov 2018


疗愈系桌上盆栽是近年的办公室新宠!台湾团队ARKY 利用鱼排泄物或残余饲料来灌溉盆栽,推出不需化学肥料的「鱼草共生鱼缸」适合当成摆设或送礼。

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[TERKINI] Penangan Covid-19 Bukan Penyebab Laungan Azan Dihentikan

Allahuakbar, semoga negara Malaysia sentiasa dilindungi

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Erwin Dawson Menghidap Kanser, Takut Botak!

Beliau terpaksa menjalani ‘intermittent fasting’ yang bermaksud ala-ala puasa juga cuma puasa 16 jam dan hanya makan 8 jam.

TECH Mon, 16 Jul 2018

Xiaomi Membayangkan Kemasukan Redmi 6 Dalam Pasaran Tempatan

Xiaomi memang terkenal sebagai pengeluar telefon pintar kelas permulaan berprestasi baik. Bagi memeriahkan lagi pasaran kelas permulaan di Malaysia, Mi Malaysia telah memuat naik satu gambar acah yang memperlihatkan Redmi 6. Dengan jolokan The entry-level smartphone […]

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‘Maaf…It’s TOO MUCH Untuk Marketing’, Fazley Yaakob Tegur Jutawan Kosmetik

Jutawan kosmetik itu perlu cara bijak untuk mempromosikan produknya bukan dengan cara melulu.

Automobile Thu, 9 Aug 2018



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#ABPBH31 : Tak Rasa Diri Popular Di Malaysia, Shiha Zikir Terkejut Terima Pencalonan

Berapa hari jugalah, saya cakap ‘ Mak, tak sangka betul’. Walau bagaimanapun, saya sedar diri Shiha di pasaran Malaysia tidak sehebat penerimaan di Indonesia.

Hiburan Thu, 6 Dec 2018

Awie Janggal Pertama Kali Berimej Botak

Alhamdulillah… seronok dengar pengalaman idola kesayangan ramai ni.

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