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The Perodua Myvi has been Malaysia’s no.1 car model ever since its inception in 2005. Due to its amazing features and affordable price, young drivers have been opting for the Myvi as their first car.

Back the model’s early days, the car was pretty plain and ’empty’. There weren’t many features and it wasn’t exactly the most stylish ride around. However, Perodua completely revamped the model in 2013 and sales once again skyrocketed.

Now, it seems like the 2018 version will come with even more brand new high tech features, taking this all-time favourite car to a whole new level. You can imagine the amount of moolah Perodua will be making soon.

Here’s a walkthrough on the latest additions to the Myvi.

1. LED headlights and keyless entry as standard for all model grades

In line with the latest technology, this Perodua 3rd generation hatchback embraced the keyless entry system and is also equipped with the cool LED headlights technology usually found in much more expensive car brands. 

Image via Paul Tan


2. Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) 

Okay this might be THE ultimate reason why this long-standing favourite car might be able to retain that title for a much longer time to come. 

Equipped with ASA, usually found in cars with a higher price tags, this is the first time this autonomous emergency braking system has been furnished in such a budget-friendly vehicle. 

Image via CarList

The ASA system has many sophisticated safety features which are the basic standard requirements in various European countries. 

Here are some of the key features of this cool ASA system just to showcase how amazing it is:

  • Pre-collision warning: Warns drivers of impending collision
  • Autonomous emergency braking: If the driver fails to respond to the pre-collision warning, the car will automatically apply its brakes.
  • Front departure alert: The front departure alert will sound a beep when the car in front has moved on and you haven’t.
  • Pedal misoperation control: Suppresses throttle response when driver inadvertently steps on the accelerator pedal while an obstacle is detected in front. Prevents costly and embarrassing damage when you accidentally select ‘D’ instead of ‘R’ when backing out of your the parking lot.

Image via CarList


3. 6 airbags and a built-in Touch ‘n Go reader

Top-notch safety feature CHECKED! This is especially for those of you who always seem to misplace your Touch ‘n Go card.

Touch n Go reader. | Image via Paul Tan



4. New shape, bigger space

This new 2018 Myvi sets a point of departure as its shape was entirely designed by Perodua. With a look that is similar to Toyota Auris or the Thai Toyota Yaris, this 3rd generation Perodua Myvi boasts a longer and wider space.

It is also lower than the previous generations.   

Image via Paul Tan


5) New colour variants

Check this out, there are three brand new colours to be added onto the options for the new Myvi! They are Granite Grey, Lava Red, and Peppermint Green.

Oh. Em. Gee.

These are additions to the old Ivory White and Mystical Purple which we can spot on the road all the time.

Granite grey (metallic)

Lava Red (metallic)

Peppermint Green (metallic). | Image via Paul Tan


BUT, the spunky Peppermint Green is exclusively ONLY for the 1.3 model while the new Granite Grey (metallic) is exclusively ONLY for the 1.5 model.


6,000 units of this new Perodua Myvi have already been booked and they are priced from RM44,300 to RM55,300. All prices are on-the-road, without insurance, and inclusive of a five-year/150,000 km warranty.

So, there you go! Need more reasons to consider this hatchback beauty? Of course not. What are you waiting for, it’s time to make your booking today.

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